Ok Peggle fans, now’s your chance to harness those artistic talents to win more than $10,000 in prizes by entering PopCap’s Peggle Art Contest. Running now through to June 3, 2009, the contest is part of Peggle Fever, a months-long celebration of all things Peggle that PopCap announced to celebrate the arrival of new versions of Peggle for the Nintendo DS, iPhone and Xbox 360.

To enter, all you have to do is submit a piece of art that shows your idea for a new feature or artistic element that you’d like to see in the next Peggle game, such as a new Peggle Master or power-up, background scene or level design (peg layout).

"We get a lot of fan mail from Peggle devotees, including lots of suggestions for background art, new Peggle characters and power-ups, and level designs, and thought an art contest would be a fun way to foster and tap into that creativity and enthusiasm for the game," said Sukhbir Sidhu, co-creator of Peggle and studio director at PopCap. "We’re excited to see what the rabid Peggle community comes up with in the way of ideas!"

Judging will be conducted by members of PopCap’s art department and development studio, who will weigh creativity and feasibility of submissions along with artistic talent. No copyrighted or trademarked imagery – other than visual elements found in the Peggle games themselves – will be accepted.

Prizes will be awarded to the top two dozen entries. Top prizes include trips to visit PopCap’s Seattle headquarters, spending sprees at Best Buy, limited edition Peggle merchandise, and iPhones and Xbox 360s with Peggle pre-installed.

Entries can be submitted electronically or by mail. Digital contest submissions must be no larger than 5 megabytes in size and analog submissions must arrive on a sheet of paper or other material no larger than 8.5 inches by 11 inches and be no thicker than 4 inches. Nearly any type of ink or paint can be used, from finger-paints or colored pencils to ballpoint pens and magic markers.

The contest is available to residents of the 50 United States (including D.C.), and the U.K.

For more information, including entry forms and a complete set of rules, visit PopCap’s contest page.