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Check out our tips and tricks for Unwell Mel.

The goal of Unwell Mel is to clear off the various shaped game boards covered with multiple items such as food, bugs (germs), gunk, a stubborn crusty crud and several others in order to diagnose the very Unwell Mel, cure him and send him home healthy.

Gameplay requires you to match 3 or more like items to clear them from the board. Some game boards will have you clearing just one type of item, and others will vary until you reach screens that require all elements available to be removed. The game has 100 levels with two to five screens per level. Upon completion you will clear 300 puzzle screens averaging around more than thirty hours of game play.


Bugs (Germs) and their behaviors

"Poptozoa" – Angry bug that when matched explodes and removes items and gunk in its immediate vicinity.

"Grabbits" – These cute-but-nasty bugs stick together and won’t budge until matched with a third Grabbit.

"Virusites" – Blue bugs that become highly agitated when matched and will infect any bugs touching them. Use the infection to your advantage!

"Hemogoblins" – Watch out! These innocent-looking green bugs must be removed quickly, or they’ll explode and become gunk. They instantly begin to rotate clockwise at the start of the level and when they make one full revolution will explode into gunk.

Each power up can be upgraded 3 times throughout the game.
"Fully-charged Adsec power-up"
"Fully-charged Crazy Leech power-up" 

  • "Adsec" – Adds 30, 45 to 60 seconds to the timer in timed mode.
  • "Big Fish Oil" – Drips down from the point of application eliminating any gunk it touches from one to three columns.
  • "Crud Buster" – Removes a single piece of crud, a cross shaped area, or in a 3 x 3 grid.
  • "Cauterizer" – Click then drag the cursor to cauterize 5,8, or 10 squares.
  • "Bug Zapper" – Zaps from three to seven bugs in a powerful chain reaction.
  • "Crazy Leech" – Releases one to three leeches that eat gunk, food and bugs.
  • "Shot to Health" – An injection that clears 1 square of any item up to a 3 x 3 grid of any item.
  • "ICU Power-up/Slide Mode" – You may freeze the timer and slide rows and columns in any manner you wish for 10, 15-20 seconds. Matches will be highlighted but won’t explode until the time runs out.

Bonus Items
Bonus items are wwarded for matching 4 or more items in the grid.   

"Fresh Start" – Ever feel like a Fresh Start?  Now it comes in a box! Click it and all the items inside Mel will be replaced – how refreshing!

"Medical Grant" – Click it and grab all the coins before they disappear! $250 bonus if you get all ten coins before they disappear.

"Candies" – Yummy Candy can be matched with any food or bugs.

"Bags of Candies" – If you see a candy bag, be sure to raid it for goodies! Clicking on a bag releases multiple candies throughout the board.

"Directional Bombs" – Matches of 4 or more can earn you bombs that clear items off of the grid but not gunk. These bombs can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or "X" shaped.

"Mega Pill" – Its explosive powers are literally time-bending! Clears a large area of he board.

"Coins" – Match four or more items and you will earn a coin. Coins begin spinning and eventually disappear. Click on them quickly before they are gone. They are worth 50 dollars each.

Additional Items to clear from inside Mel

  • "Food Items" –  (Varies per screen) Cupcakes, Ice cream Cones, Biscuits, Broccoli, Pears, Tofu, Blueberry Pie, Salt, and Cherries.
  • "Crud" – Brown Crusty Ick that will only budge if a match is made under it.
  • "Green Gunk" – Green Squares of gunk that are only removed if items are matched over it.
  • "Double Gunk" – Two levels of gunk that appear as gray squares – Items must be matched twice over these squares to remove it.
  • "Medical Bags" – These are very important as they recharge all of your power-ups. Once a power-up is used, you must match bags until its meter fills up and it becomes usable again.

"Medical Bags" Used to recharge your power-ups


  • The game can be played in timed or relaxed mode. Timed mode has varying amounts of times per level based on its difficulty. Points are earned based on how much time is left on the clock when you complete the level. This amount of time is multiplied by 10. Your largest matching combo is multiplied by 100 and these numbers combined are your points scored.
  • You also earn cash each level that you may use to purchase upgrades. Cash is determined by number of gunk squares removed multiplied by 10, number of bugs removed multiplied by 10, and number of coins collected throughout the game multiplied by 50. These totals are combined for your cash award for that particular level. Two times a month you are scheduled to meet with "Ed" the medical supply salesman to purchase upgrades but you can call him anytime by clicking on the "Call Ed" button at the top left of the screen.


  • Each game board is uniquely shaped based on the name of the affliction. For example, one disease known as "Retrogameritis" has two levels which have grids shaped like "Pac Man" ghosts in "Mrs. Pack, Man" and, "Space Invader" aliens in the grid named "Face Invaders".  Some grids have difficult corners to manuver around as well as rows of crud to break through. Most levels require you to kill a certain number of bugs and a predetermined amount of gunk squares must be cleared away to win the level. You will see these numbers in the top left hand screen (item "B" pictured below) and it is a good idea to look up at it frequently while playing and checking the timer (item "D" pictured below) to see if you will be able to meet your goal in time.
  • Purchase power-ups as soon as you possibly can. You will definitely need them for every level of this game.
  • If a level has bugs and gunk to remove, it is a good idea to go for the bugs first…especially those over gunk and near crud. When the bugs explode such as the "Poptozoa", they take a large amount of gunk off the board and are very useful. Keep scanning your eyes from the board to the timer to make sure you are making the best use of your time.
  • If you have several "Hemogoblins" you must work fast to match them and remove them from the board as they immediately begin to rotate clockwise and enlarge in size. By the time it makes one complete revolution, it will explode into gunk and you will have another gunk square added to your count to remove.
  • Virusites are blue and angry and when matched do not disappear immediately. They stick together and start shaking angrily and after a few seconds will explode off the board not taking anything off the board, but allowing all items above them to fall making new match potentials in the game. It is important to group as many virusites together as you can before they explode. They will stick to each other if you swap them into squares next to other virusites.
  • When you start out on a screen that has grey and green squares start to clear the grey squares first as they must be matched over twice in order to clear them. The green ones are next and then the empty ones. Look for medical bags to match at all times to keep your power-ups recharging and keep an your eyes and ears open to hemogoblins exploding as you will have more green gunk to clear and may miss it.
  • If you recieve power-ups such as medical grants, bags of candies, coins, or exploding bombs, click on them as soon as possible. The spinning coins awarded randomly for matches of 4 items or more, will disappear very fast so they are always priority and they increase your cash score the fastest. The medical grants release ten coins onto the board and as they are spinning you must click on them very fast. If you get all ten, you will earn a $250 dollar cash bonus which will be added to your score.
  • Your most difficult screens will be those that have awkward shapes and require all elements to be removed off of the grid to win the level. This is the priority you should use. 1. Match any bugs on grey areas first. It’s especially important to use this order: Hemogoblins, Virusites, Poptozoas, and Grabbits.
  • Corners and edges should be attended to right away. If you wait too long, you will find it very difficult to match in these areas.
  • If you are having trouble making matches and you have a "Fresh Start" power-up, it will completely clear the board and put new items on it but does not remove any gunk at all.
  • Poptozoas are great for breaking up heavy crud areas. Try to match them as close to crud areas as possible. Also use your explosives on the crud as well, as it does not require any matching to break it away. Just click on it.
  • There are many times you will find you are almost out of time but have several green gunk squares left to clear. If you have all power-ups intact, you can quickly use them all to win the level, but you will start the next level with no power ups and must match medical bags until they are charged again so use your best judgement as to when you think you can beat a level or not. If you don’t think you can it’s better to save your power-ups for the next try. If you think you can make it then go for it, as the power-ups do recharge quickly.

Screenshot of Chapter 56, Level 162 "Fauxny Face"
Power-ups B. Goal Indicator C. Grey and green gunk in corners and edges. D. Timer

  • Another great strategy you can use is this: Once you have several power-ups, especially the "Adsec" and "ICU slide mode" save these two power-ups for use at the very end of your level. Keep your eye on the timer and when it gets down to about a minute, you must make a quick judgement call as to whether you should use the "Adsec" to give you more time or to keep it for your next try. If you don’t think you can make it as you have too many squares of gunk and bugs to clear, a very good tip is to not use your "Adsec" and instead use the "Slide Mode" power-up to freeze the screen and then align all the medical bags available on the screen very quickly (you will have 15 to 20 seconds to do this depending on how far you have upgraded your power-ups) and when the timer goes off all the aligned medical bags will recharge all of your power-ups and if you have to repeat a level, you will go into it with fully recharged power-ups instead of empty ones you will have to spend time to recharge.
  • Sometimes you will find you have explosives that run in a vertical or horizontal column, both directions in a single column, or a chunk of spaces about 3 x 3 in size. If you want to wait to use it when it is in a better position be very careful. If you do not want the explosives to blow up too early, when you swap them with another item, click on the OTHER item first,then the explosive so they will switch places without the bomb going off. If you click on the bomb first it will explode instantly and undermine your strategy.
  • If you run into a situation where there are no more moves, the board will announce this and give you an entire new set of items on the game board. While all the items are off the board for a few seconds make a mental note of where the green gunk is located. When the board resets all the matchable items are new, but you will not lose your progress as far as the bugs and gunk already removed.
  • If you do not make a move for about five seconds, an arrow will appear giving you a hint as to where you can make a move. A move can always be made unless the game tells you otherwise.
  • You may go back and replay a level if you wish but will not be able to earn additional cash by replaying a level.
  • Levels may not be skipped in this game so you must beat the current level you are on to progress in the game.
  • If you leave the game in mid-play, you will lose the progress on that level.