From rampaging dogs to angry boyfriends and the paparazzi, it can be hard work catering to Hollywood’s high-maintenance stars. You’ll get to try your hand at it when Party Down launches in March. This time management game will be based on the upcoming TV show of the same name from Starz Entertainment about a group of actors who move to LA to make it big, but end up forming a catering company instead.

The goal of Party Down is to work your way through eight parties at locations including huge yachts, extravagant balls, and exclusive night clubs. You’ll start at the bottom of the food chain, but garnering good reviews allows you to move up to higher profile parties – and, who knows, you might just get your big Hollywood break after all.

Gameplay follows the typical time management style where you take control of a female team leader who oversees a catering team as they serve drinks and food to guests and keep them entertained. Upgrades will allow you to increase your team’s ability to deal with stress and unexpected events (like arguments, or the cake getting eaten by a guest’s dog) more efficiently.

Party Down will also introduce a unique “mingling” system. Once you’re done with your assigned tasks, you’ll have short periods of time where you can mingle with VIP guests and build up your reputation in Hollywood. Making a team member mingle with the correct type of Hollywood star (through color-matching) will increase their reputation; however, team members won’t be able to mingle with VIPs who have a higher star rating than they do.

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