It feels like every day for the past year, we are working on changes to help improve the Gamezebo web site.  Every blue moon, we actually release them on the public web site!

Yesterday was such a day.  As many of you have noticed, we have released new Kudos, added a lot more sub-channels, and improved navigation on the Web site.  

Here’s a full list and guide of new changes on the Gamezebo Web site:

New Kudos:  We added 4 new Kudos:  You’re Sweet, Hugs, Welcome to GZ, and Cupcake.  The first 3 were picked because you asked for them, the Cupcake I added because . . . I just like cupcakes!

New sub-channels:  Due to popular demand, we have finally added Time Management game sections for both reviews and previews, as well as a Card, Board, & Mah Jong section (it was two separate sections before).   Under Features, we also added a new Steals & Deals (so you’ll always have a place to go to find casual games on sale) and new Sections for Console Games, Social Games, iPhone Games, Casual MMO’s, and Web Games.  We have started to expand our coverage into all these new types of casual games.  At Gamezebo, our goal is to focus as always on the download games you love, but to also expose you to new casual games experiences on all emerging platforms.  We hope you like!

Improved navigation:  We’ve taken the simple navigation that we added to our forums a few months ago and added it to all sections of the Web site.  Now, you can opt to view between 10, 25, or 50 articles on any pages of the Web site, even our front page!

10 articles on the Front Page:  At Gamezebo, we update the web site more than 5 times a day.  Which is why, we have changed our Front Page to display our 10 latest articles at any time.  Now, new reviews, previews, tips, or news will no longer get lost in the shuffle!

New Beta Test Program Sign Up Form: 
We’ve brought back our online sign up for our popular Best Test Program.  Gamezebo’s Beta Program allows you to be first to play the latest and greatest in casual games and provide developers with your valuable feedback.  If you are not a member of our Beta Program and are interested in participating, join our Beta Test Program now!

RSS feeds: We have added RSS feeds to every major section of the Web site.  You can opt to subscribe to our entire feed on the front page of Gamezebo.  Or, let’s just say you are a big fan of Time Management games.  You can go to the Time Management Reviews section and then opt to subscribe to the RSS feed to be updated to the RSS feed of Time Management Reviews only.  If this sounds a little too technical, you can always subscribe to receive daily updates of all Gamezebo in your email box by signing up for Gamezebo To Go!

Improved My Gamezebo Page:  Gamezebo members are the friendliest people around, so we have improved the way we display your friends online.   To make it more manageable, we now display only up to 12 of your friends on you’re my Gamezebo Page and allow you to click “show more” to view all your friends. In addition, we have added a “show more” link to Your Favorites, so now you can keep better track of any article or forum you bookmark on the Gamezebo Web site!

New Top Members Page Every member on Gamezebo is a rock star!  But now, you can see the Top 25 members in terms of points, not just the top 5!

New User Review Page Curious what the latest games reviewed by users are?  We’ve created a new page so you can see all user reviews created on the Web site as they happen!  Also, by popular demand, the word count limit for user reviews is now expanded to 2000 characters.

We are also in the midst of making a lot of changes to the back-end of the Web Site as well to improve navigation and make the site run better.

Inevitably, whenever we add changes to the Web site, we break it also.  It’s highly unintentional.  If you see anything that is not working quite so right on the web site (ha, that rhymed, I’m a poet), email me directly with the issue and if you can, include information on what browser and operating system you are using.

Finally, thanks for your patience as we add these changes and other changes you have suggested.  Every day, we peruse our forums to see what changes you want to the Web site.  And, I read and respond to almost all emails of suggestions of features to add to the Web site.   

Though we do not make all the changes as soon as I wish we would, we do make as many as we can given our budget and time constraints.  As they say, Rome was not build in one day. . .but we sure are trying!

One of the things I love about what we are building at Gamezebo is how everyone in the forums describes the community as one big family.  

And, that’s pretty much how I would describe the wonderful team that works here at Gamezebo.  We’ve a small virtual company without an office or millions of dollars in the bank.  We’re just a bunch of people who want to create the best community online for people passionate about casual games.  I want to thank everyone who helps to work on the site (Erin, Margie, our amazing writers, our enterprising engineers) as well our users who bring me a smile every day when I wake up and go on the site to read the daily breakfast thread.  Without our users who make these suggestions, nothing would be possible.  

We’ll continue to work together to add new features and improvements to Gamezebo to make this as good a Web site and community experience as possible.

Thanks again!