If you like raising virtual pets, you’ll be excited to hear about PlayFirst’s upcoming game Wandering Willows where you’ll meet more than 30 pets to befriend and train as you go on more than 100 different quests.

As the game begins, you’ve decided to take a break from stressful city life and sail a balloon around the world. A storm blows you off course and causes you to crash in the land of Wandering Willows. The mysterious power of the island brings people from all time periods via ship, plane, balloon, rocket, UFO – you name it.

There are nine goals that the player will have to complete in order to repair the balloon and fly home. A few of the quests include acquiring a CB radio from a plane crash, patching a balloon hole with fabric from a UFO airbag, finding a telescope in a pirate shipwreck, retrieving a compass from an ancient tomb, and taking a heating element from a fire animal in behind a volcano.

According to PlayFirst you’ll be able to garden, bake with more than 200 food recipes, and create clothing and bouquets with the treasures your friend fetches for you.

Wandering Willows is launching soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our review and strategy guide.