a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:26:”Chocolate Shop Frenzy Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:7538:”Check out our tips and tricks for Chocolate Shop Frenzy.


  • There is considerable randomness on each level. Customers will ask for different things, the phone will ring at different times, thieves and express customers will show up or not. So if you don’t pass a level the first time, just try again.
  • The only way to get Expert is to react very quickly to customer requests, make a lot of combos, and use the available power-ups to move quickly. While just about anyone can make the target levels, it takes quick reflexes and some luck to get Expert.
  • Right click is not used in the game.
  • If you are at a candy machine and you decide you don’t want to use it right then, you have to click on the x in the top right corner of the selection window to close the window before you can leave the machine.


  • You must start the hot chocolate maker by clicking on it. It will take a few seconds to make a cup. Then you have to click on it a second time to pick up the finished cup.
  • If Emma has a thought bubble showing hot chocolate, she will move slowly until she gets some. But she can still keep doing other things.
  • Unlike many games, getting the speed power-up for yourself (the hot chocolate) does break your other combo chains. However, you will need the hot chocolate to move quickly enough. So a good sequence is to start the hot chocolate machine as soon as the store opens. Then click on the candy machine if it’s there. Then give the first customer a menu. From then on, whenever you take hot chocolate, click the machine a second time to start a new cup brewing so it will be there when you want it.
  • The best time to get hot chocolate is in between customer combo chains. So hand out all menus. Drink hot chocolate. Get all orders ready to give out. Drink hot chocolate. Give out all orders. Drink hot chocolate if desired. Pick up all money.
  • This game has one unique speed feature: the express customer. If a customer has a lightning bolt, they are an express customer. They will be unusually impatient because they are in a hurry. However, once you serve them completely including picking up their money from the counter, you will go into “express mode” where you can do everything faster for a short time. Even the machines will operate faster. So if there is an express customer in line, make a complete combo of giving out menus. Then drink hot chocolate and complete the express customer’s order. You may need to give treats to one or two other customers who are waiting. As soon as you pick up the lightning bolt money, you will be able to do everything else very quickly.
  • If you have a line of customers at the counter waiting for menus, start with the phone, then the one closest to the bottom of the screen. That way you will finish next to the hot chocolate machine.
  • When you start making candy, if all customers are equally patient, hit the “specialties” machine (that makes stars, fish, bunnies, etc) first because it takes the longest to complete. Then start the regular candy maker.
  • When making multiple orders, first make the ones that will need decorating or gift-wrapping. As soon as one is ready, pick it up and start the machine making a basic order. When you have two that need giftwrap or decorating, pick them both up and take them to the machines at the bottom. When you are finally ready to give out chocolate, you can give out the ones from the bottom first, then the ones from the top.
  • If you only have two customers waiting and one wants a giftwrapped item and one wants a plain item, wait at the candy machines until both are ready and take both with you to wrapping machine. This will save you a trip back.
  • If you have one item to be decorated and one item to be gift-wrapped, start the item to be decorated first.


  • If you have a chocolate order and a treat in your hand and you click on a customer, you will get a choice window so you can decide what to give them. If you give them the treat first, their satisfaction will go up and you will get more money when you give them the chocolate order.
  • Hippies and Police Officers are both good tippers if they have high satisfaction.
  • Businessmen are the best tippers.
  • Old ladies sometimes forget to tip at all and little girls don’t tip very much. However, if they get so angry that they leave, you will be charged a penalty.
  • If you have two chocolate orders in your hands and you want to give a customer a treat, you can put one order on the stand in the center of the shop while you get the treat.
  • Always click the treat machine again right after you take a treat so there will be one ready for the next time.


  • Gift-wrap and decorate all items before delivering any. If you deliver one item, then gift-wrap the next one and deliver it, you won’t get credit for a delivery combo. If you have 3 items to gift-wrap, you can put one down on the tray in the center of the shop until you’re ready for it.
  • You cannot get the money for a phone order until the delivery boy comes in to pick it up. So when you are picking up money to make a money combo, start at the top of the counter and work your way down towards the phone. That way the delivery boy will probably get there in time for you to add him to the combo.
  • When you answer the radio station trivia contest correctly, you get extra money that counts towards your target level, usually $100. Dark chocolate is the type of chocolate with the lowest fat and the most reported health benefits. The US makes the most chocolate. Cocoa is the main ingredient. It comes primarily from Africa and South America.
  • Although you get more money for gift-wrapped or decorated items, they take longer to make and can mess up your combos. You may do better with more plain items delivered faster. Learn your own pattern so you can restart a level early if you can see you’re not getting the kind of orders you get the most value out of.
  • If a thief arrives, go immediately to the counter and pick up the money. Not only do you save the money from the order, but you get a bonus when the police catch the thief. This is usually worth more than the combo value.
  • There is a randomness to which customers come in when. Sometimes the game requires you to completely finish serving one customer before any more will come in, even though there is lots of space at the counter. If you’ve waited a few seconds and no one else has come in, go ahead and start processing the order.
  • If there is only one customer at the counter, grab a treat along with their order if the treat machine is available. Give them the treat first, then the order to get the maximum tip. However, if you are working on a combo chain for delivering orders, don’t interrupt it with a treat.
  • Keep an eye on the level timer in the top right corner. If you are getting close to the end of the level, it’s a good idea to pick up money so more customers can come in, as they’ll be worth more than the extra combo value of waiting to pick up the money when the shop is closed.