GameTantra is close to launching Conga Bugs, a cute variation on marble-shooting games like Zuma and Luxor that has you shooting bugs out of your launcher to make matches of three or more bugs of the same color to turn them into butterflies.

The Conga Bugs live to dance and party – and when the music plays, they’ll emerge from their hideout and dance in a Conga Line. Match them all before they make their way back to the underground hideout to win.

The game will offer more than 130 levels, six game modes, five locations and three launcher types, as well as multiple power-ups and objects to interact with.

As you play, you’ll unlock special "Orchestra Pit" bugs, and you’ll also learn about the background stories and talents of each bug through a comic book-style story.

Conga Bugs is launching very soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our review.