Enkord has offered us a sneak peek at its next game, Totem Tribe, a title that will combine hidden object elements with real-time strategy and adventure gameplay.

Players will visit more than 20 islands, where they can talk to other characters to receive mini-quests to earn new spells, artifacts and other rewards.

Gameplay includes strategy elements like the ability to build and upgrade structures, training units, researching upgrades, scouting territory and battling enemies. Unlike other strategy games, however, there are no resources to gather (like wood, minerals or food).

Although combat is part of the game, Enkord assured us that half of the islands are peaceful. Players will also have the ability to return to islands that they’ve already completed in order to discover new puzzles and items.

Totem Tribe will also feature three different endings: Good, evil and flawless. The game is launching very soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our full review and strategy guide.