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Check out our strategy guide for My Tribe.



  • This game has everything to offer and much to explore. After reading the topics below you should be able to guide your tribe like a pro.



Stardust and moondust

  • Every once in a while Stardust will fall from the sky and hit your Island. To collect this all you need to do is drop someone onto it, and it will be added to your inventory. This is an essential resource for your tribe because it has an array of effects when used on objects, and people. Note, stardust can be seen from aerial view. It can even be seen before it touches down on the Island. Be sure to get to it quick, it will disappear within 45 to 60 seconds.
  • They only fall on grass.


  • Using it on people will increase a random skill, such as fishing, or constructing, and can even improve metal and physical strength.
  • For constructions in progress, it increases the amount built instantly.
  • For the Science station it increases your science points depending on your technology level. The higher the technology level the more science points are awarded.
  • Using it on a Craftworks building increase the amount of percentage done on a custom clothing project.
  • On a demolished construct, it cleans up what is left behind.
  • Using it on resource piles (rocks, food, wood) will add a big boost of that particular resource to the pile you clicked.
  • Using it on your farm will cause the crops’ percentage of growth to rise instantly.


  • Moondust appears on screen in the same fashion that stardust does, and can be picked up in the same way as well. But its effects are different from that of a stardust’s. Also note that moondust can also be seen from aerial view.


  • For People it changes their hair color (weird right?).
  • Constructions, it increase the amount built, but the amount increased is higher than the stardust’s effect.
  • Used on the Science station it generates science points (amount depends on your technology level).
  • For the Craftworks building, it completes all your clothing assignments. Be sure to use this to your advantage.
  • On a demolished construct it also cleans up what is left behind.
  • Using it on resource piles will add an even bigger boost than the stardust’s.
  • And you guessed it, using it on your farm will immediately complete the crops’ growth.

Crates and Barrels


  • These can only be found floating in the ocean near the shoreline. They tend to drift up from the bottom of the screen towards your Island. You should have no problem spotting them because they come in relatively close to the Island, but if your view is too far from the shoreline you won’t be able to see. This is why you should consider using the aerial view feature often. To open a crate just place a person on top it, and the contents inside will be added to your inventory. Contents usually include:
  • Tools for building (you will get these near the start of the tutorial.)
  • Resources such as wood, rocks, and even food.
  • Skill points for the person who opens the crate
  • Mysterious dust that raises one skill to mastery skill.
  • Dreadful tree eating beetles(they fly out and kill several of your trees).
  • You also receive potion recipes, which is a big help
  • Contaminated water (makes person feel lightheaded)
  • No matter what shape the crate or barrel is in you should still open it, I have found some pretty nice items in banged up barrels.

Mushrooms and Guano

Mushrooms and guano

  • While they are sometimes hard to spot, their usefulness will become apparent later in the game. Mushrooms grow randomly on sand and on grass. Guano gets dropped on the Island by seagulls.These are 2 of the many ingredients used to create potions. We’ll go through potions a bit later, but for now this is it mushrooms and guano. You have to place people on these to pick them up, but sometimes the people will gather them themselves.


  • Gold relics can only found on the beach while or after it is rains. They look like little gold seashells the size of a mushroom. This is also a valuable ingredient for making potions.

Gold relic


Rocks, Wood and Fish

  • When it comes to gathering resources it’s very simple, just drag any adult to a resourceful object and he/she will begin to gather that resource. Rocks, fish, and wood are the most used resources here.
  • If you pick up someone while they are carrying something they will lose what they had gathered.
  • Rocks and wood are used to build constructs for the Island. Wood is used to keep the fire going. And fish are used to feed your tribe.
  • Wood is collected from the trees, rocks from the boulders, and fish from the sea.
  • Gathering fish is a tad more complex than gathering anything else. You cannot find fish unless you are in deep water. And f you happen to fish in a spot where you can visibly see a fish jumping out of the water then your fish gathering rate increases.

Fish jumping out of water

  • Whenever you click a boulder or tree it gives you the option to harvest or not to harvest. Checking the harvest box means that it is okay for your tribe to use it.
  • Make sure to check at least 10 of each resource, excluding fish, and farms. As you probably know your tribe continues to work whether you play the game or not. This means that if a resource is left unchecked they could starve because they were unable to continue harvesting. Running out of any resource is trouble, remember it.

Mystery Resources



Mysterious objects

  • When you read about the mystery objects below, you will find out how to gain mystery resources such as ironwood, berries, and fountain water. These resources must be unlocked before they can be gathered, but they are limitless.


  • There are a total of 7 skills for each person to master.
  • People will grow in a skill as that skill is used. Once you fill a skill bar all the way, that skill is considered "mastered", which means you cannot improve that skill anymore.
  • Fishing: gained by fishing
  • Wood gathering: gained by gathering wood
  • Rock gathering: gained by gathering rock
  • Construction: gained while building a construct
  • Agriculture: gained by growing flowers, trees, and farming
  • ┬áScience: gained by exploring science at the science station construct (place a person on a science station construct)
  • Art: gained by learning at the Craftworks construct (place a person on a Craftworks construct)
  • When you start the game you will have 5 adults, each will have a different amount of mental and physical strength.
  • The 2 or 3 people with the highest physical strength should have 2 priorities checked from the physical skills. The physical skills include: rock gathering, wood gathering, construction, and fishing. These skills benefit strongly from people who move quickly. High strength allows a person to move faster.
  • The others with high mental strength should go with science, art, and agriculture, since their physical speed is not that relative to their jobs.
  • Physical, and mental tribal members alike should have 2 special skills that match up with their traits to be more productive. Sometimes you need 2 people to do 1 job in order to speed things up.


  • To build any construct just click on the build button, then select what you want to build. If you notice darkened icons in the build menu it is because you don’t know how to make it yet (which is very okay).
  • Each type of structure requires a certain amount of rock, wood, and labor. Labor is a hard thing to measure, but it simply means that the bigger the number, the longer it will take to build.
  • Using star or moondust on a construct is a time saver in terms of building. However, don’t be too dependent on taking tshort cuts if you want your people to be faster builders. A person is good at a skill because they do it continuously, but take away the work and that person will not grow at all. Give your tribe tough love, and don’t worry they will thank you later.
  • Be sure to keep your structures close to your resource piles. There is worse than having your tribe travel all the way across the Island just to place some material in an incomplete structure.
  • You could use stardust on the people who need a boost in a certain area, but the boosted skill will be selected at random. Either way is fine.


  • Huts: huts allow your tribes people to sleep and produce children (there are 2 huts, one faces right, and the other left).
  • Fire pit: This is simply used for cooking food.
  • Science station: This allows research to occur.
  • Trees: they provide additional wood.
  • Food store house: increases your food storage capabilities.
  • Rock store house: increases your rock storage capabilities.
  • Wood store house: increases your wood storage capabilities.
  • Farms: an alternative source of food.
  • Craftworks: allows creation of new clothing.
  • Celestial observatory: makes a big sound whenever a star or moondust makes contact with the Island.
  • Shipyard: used to hold a ship (hint hint)
  • Ark: ship used to carry your tribe to another Island


  • There are a total of 4 different categories to upgrade, and each of them can only be upgrade 3 times. To upgrade these you must use your science points. Also as you upgrade a category the required number of science points will increase.
  • Agriculture is the first of the 4, it helps you find renewable resources, and new sources of food with each upgrade. This is good it means you won’t have to rely on fish alone to survive.
  • Construction is second on the list. This upgrade allows you to build more complex constructs that will definitely be needed and wanted in the future.
  • "The Arts" is the third. This will allow you to create stylish clothing for you tribe. It is purely decorative, but it is also fascinating.
  • Technology is last here. It allows you to earn science20points more rapidly, discover new potion recipes, and even create a Celestial observatory.
  • The Celestial observatory alerts you whenever star, or moondust falls. That could really come in handy.


  • A potion needs 3 kinds of ingredients, an element, a liquid, and a catalyst. Knowing your potions alone will guarantee your tribe a smooth journey. You should also know your catalyst will not be used up if your potion is successful.
  • Here is a complete list of all the potion recipes and effects.

Helpful Potions

  • 1) ironwood+ seawater+ stardust: upgrades construction skill.
  • 2) rocks+ seawater+ goldrelic: upgrades rock gathering skill.
  • 3) guano+ rainwater+ stardust: creates flowers.
  • 4) guano+ seawater+ stardust: adds fertility to soil.
  • 5) lodestone+ seawater+ stardust: creates stardust.
  • 6) lodestone+ seawater+ moondust: creates moondust.
  • 7) wood+ seawater+ stardust: creates butterflies.
  • 8) fish+ seawater+ stardust: creates rain.
  • 9) mushrooms+ seawater+ stardust: creates twins (must use on woman before she enters hut to have a child).
  • 10) vegetables+ rainwater+ moondust: makes everyone full.
  • 11) fish+ fountain water+ stardust: upgrades fishing skill.
  • 12) fish+ rainwater+ moondust: creates a thunderstorm.
  • 13) ironwood+ seawater+ stardust: upgrades science skill.
  • 14) rocks+ seawater+ stardust: creates a rock.
  • 15) lodestone+ rainwater+ moondust: speeds up construction.
  • 16) wood+ seawater+ goldrelic: upgrades wood harvesting.
  • 17) lodestone+ rainwater+ stardust: creates crate/barrel.
  • 18) guano+ fountain water+ goldrelic: adds fertility to all farms.
  • 19) wood+ rainwater+ goldrelic: upgrades mental strength.
  • 20) rocks+ rainwater+ goldrelic: upgrades strength.
  • 21) mushroom+ fountain water+ goldrelic: restores youth in a grayhaired person.
  • 22) vegetables+ seawater+ stardust: creates mushrooms.
  • 23) guano+ fountain water+ moondust: upgrades agricultural skill.
  • 24) ironwood+ rainwater+ stardust: makes someone feel happy.
  • 25) Berries+ rainwater+ moondust: upgrades art skill.

Hairstyle Potions

  • 1) berry+ fountain water+ stardust: dyes hair black.
  • 2) berry+ fountain+ moondust: brown hair.
  • 3) berry+ seawater+ moondust: dyes hair blonde.
  • 4) mushroom+ rainwater+ stardust: darkbrown hair.
  • 5) mushroom+ seawater+ moondust: auburn hair.
  • 6) berry+ rainwater+ goldrelic: strawberry blonde hair.
  • 7) berry+ fountain water+ goldrelic: red hair.
  • 8) berry+ rainwater+ stardust: light brown hair.
  • 9) mushroom+ rainwater+ moondust: new hair style.
  • 10) mushroom+ seawater+ goldrelic: new hair style.
  • 11) mushroom+ fountain water+ stardust: new hair style.
  • 12) mushroom+ rainwater+ goldrelic: new hair style.
  • 13) mushroom+ fountain water+ moondust: new hair style.
  • 14) vegetable+ fountain water+ stardust: new hair style.
  • 15) vegetable+ fountain water+ goldrelic: new hair style.
  • 16) vegetable+ seawater+ goldrelic: new hair style.



  • Whenever you go to the trophy screen and move the mouse over an empty trophy stand you are given a clear objective on how to acquire that particular trophy.


  • There are 8 mystery objects to solve, but only 3 per Island. This is part of the thrill of moving to another Island someday. Here is the list of the 8 mysteries and how to unravel them:
  • 1) Blue moon mystery – Have someone who you have used a moondust on touch it. After that just use 3 moondusts in rapid succession (there will be a time limit). You will now receive moondust more frequently than ever.

Blue moon

  • 2) Fossil stone mystery – Have a person with a rock gathering skill mastered examine it (this person make some sort of crack in it). Then have a master scientist come and check it out. You will now gain 100,000 science points because of what the scientist discovers in the fossil.

Fossil Rock

  • 3) Glowing stump mystery – Have someone who has their strength maxed touch it, the stump will be lifted and a little tree will be there. All you need to do now make it rain with a potion and have the person with max strength touch it again. You know have a tree that gives off infinite ironwood.

Glowing stump

  • 4) Yellow star mystery – Copy the same procedure as you did with the blue moon mystery, just replace moondust with stardust.

Yellow stardust

  • 5) Unknown plant mystery – Use a fertilizer potion on the bush, then have a legendary farmer touch it. It becomes a Cornucopia bush and allows berries to be gathered from it indefinitely.

Tangled plant

  • 6) Molten rock mystery – Use a person with both their construction and science skill mastered to touch it. And voila, all tools will now be made of iron. This increases everyone’s construction, gathering, and farming rate.

Molten rock

  • 7) Fountain mystery – The easiest one yet. Use a legendary scientist to touch the fountain, this will unlock the fountain water ingredient immediately.


  • 8) Flowering bush mystery – Simply take a look at the flower pattern surrounding the tree, then complete it by planting your own flowers using the build menu.

Flowering tree


  • Whenever you want to expand you tribe by having kids you will need a man, woman, and a hut. Just place a man on a woman or vice versa and the 2 will walk by themselves to the nearest vacant hut. And with any luck the 2 will walk out with a baby in less than 10 seconds.
  • If you can you should make the "twins potion" as soon as possible so that you can have double the kids. The higher the population, the faster the scientific growth.
  • Babies are special because they are born with the traits of their parents such as hair. They are not bothersome at all, there is really no harm in having them around.
  • Children are similar to babies, only they have more hair and do more things. However they cannot work until they are of 14 years of age. So if you want a teenager to work as soon as possible then their priority list should have at least 1 check.
  • Males or Females cannot have a baby until they are 18 years of age. In the same breath, older women do not want to have babies when they are 50 years old, unlike men.
  • Your tribe should have a balanced set of skills. Otherwise the village will not run so smoothly. For example, if everyone is great at one skill but are lacking in a ll the others, that means there will be slow progressions when it comes to doing certain things. Whenever a person has more than one priority he/she will act on the skills marked equally.
  • Massively important, lodestones can be used to make moondust if you follow the recipe. Using them to the full advantage is crucial, you must not waste them.
  • Building a Celestial observatory allows you to be alerted by a horn whenever star or moondust hits the Island.
  • Choose your Island wisely based on the mystery items located on them.
  • Lodestones can only be found in crates and barrels. If you need them really bad use the crate/barrel creation potion.
  • Once your population reaches 50 there is no going over that limit.
  • If someone you like is really old you can always use a youth potion save them from old age. And don’t wait too long, once they reach their early 70’s it means they are about to pass on.
  • Get your hands on a Celestial observatory as soon as possible, it’s a life saver.
  • Using a majority of your moondust to upgrade your Science station is a smart move. Each time you level up technology you will be able to double the amount of science points gained.

  • By now your tribe should be working like a well oiled machine. It was my pleasure writing, thanks for reading everyone.