Sandlot Games has given us a sneak peek at Westward III: Gold Rush, the next game in the popular strategy-adventure franchise set in 19th century America.

As speculators flock west in hopes of striking it rich, the kind-hearted but financially strugging Baron family welcomes three weary travelers into their home and offers them a place to rest. Greatful for their hospitality, the pioneers promise to replay the family for their kindness by sending money when they are settled.

According to Sandlot Games, you’ll "guide three adventurous pioneers as they plot a course through the uncharted wilderness of Northern California, where gold is abundant and treachery hides behind every smile. Navigate dangerous terrain rich in natural resources, gathering the supplies needed to grow your dusty tent settlement into a thriving boomtown. Customize your town with all-new buildings, luxuries and upgrades, while protecting your townsfolk against dangerous bandits, treacherous cheats and anything else that may come your way."

Westward III will also feature new environments to explore; powerful building, weapon and environment upgrades, new enemies (including ferocious wild animals), and secret items hidden throughout the game.

The game is launching soon, so be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our full review and strategy guide.