In Legacy: World Adventure, an upcoming match-three puzzle game from Big Blue Bubble, young adventurer Emily King sets out to win the Grand Adventurer’s Expedition, a secret race that her family has participated in for generations but never won – thanks to the cheating, money-hungry Barrington family. Emily wants to beat the Barringtons more than anything, but she’ll need your help to do it.

The Grand Adventurer’s Expedition is a worldwide competition, so Emily will have to use her trusty airship, the King’s Legacy, to travel between 30 different countries including Ireland, Russia, Brazil and Australia.

Like TV’s the Amazing Race, or the classic sleuthing mystery game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, Emily will have to figure out which country to travel to next by solving a series of clues. (Such as "the piano was invented here," which would be Italy.) In order to keep travelling, though, she’ll have to keep the airship in tip top shape, which is where the match-three gameplay comes in.

Legacy: World Adventure offers three variations on match-three puzzle-solving. First, there’s a refuelling game where the goal is to match matches of three or more fuel bubbles to fill up your fuel gauge. (The bubbles rotate in groups of three like the Microsoft puzzle game Hexic.)

Then there’s engine repair, where you have to match colored pistons to make cogs fall from the down of the screen down into the engine below. (This one reminded me a lot of some of the boards in Jewel Quest III.)

Finally, there’s Travel Connection, where bubbles are connected by strands and you have to match three or more by dragging your mouse along the connectors of three or more of the same color.

The game will offer Timed and Relaxed mode, and five mini-games to play. Check back to Gamezebo when Legacy: World Adventures officially launches to read our review.