Fans of role-playing games with an old-school flavor, such as Aveyond, will be pleased to hear about an upcoming project from French developer Blossomsoft called Eternal Eden.

Lead Designer Elder Prince, who previously worked as an artist on Aveyond 2, told us that Eternal Eden was a project that has been developed with the casual audience in mind. Blossomsoft will launch two versions of the game in fact, one for harcore role-playing game fans and another version that will be much easier and include mouse support.

The heroes of Eternal Eden live in a paradise where food, drink, clothing, and everything they could ever want is given to them at a whim, provided they don’t break the one rule: no one must eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Of course, the temptation proves too much.

Over the course of the game, players will acquire skills, new weapons and legendary items while exploring more than 20 locations including dungeons, palaces, ancient forests. Players will journey through the two parallel Light and Dark worlds of Eden where events in one dimension can impact the other.

Eternal Eden is still in development, but Gamezebo will let you know as soon as the game launches.