Our friends at Brighter Minds Media and Gamelab have shared some details with us about their latest collaboration, the cooking game Top Chef, which is set to launch this month to coincide with the new season of the reality cooking show Top Chef.

As a contestant on the show, you’ll have to compete in 30 Quickfire and 15 Elimination challenges against other talented chefs who are all gunning for the top prize.

Each challenge revolves around creating one or more dishes using special ingredients based on a theme or to suit the tastes of a particular client. You’ll have to pick ingredients that will impress host Padma Lakshmi and Head Judge Tom Colicchio, while paying attention to the clock.

You dishes will be judged on everything from flavor pairings to how well you executed the dish and addressed the specific challenge you were given.

According to Brighter Minds Media, the difference between Top Chef and other gourmet cooking games is that you’ll actually get to create dishes from scratch by adding the ingredients that you feel will make the best impression, as opposed to just following recipes.

You’ll get to combine vegetables, meat and flavorings, and choose from hundreds of ingredients that each add unique colors and flavors to a dish, such as sweet, aromatic, spicy, earthy and savory.

If you mix conflicting flavors you’ll lose major points, so it’s important to pick the right ingredients – chocolate, for example, doesn’t belong in a stir fry!

Top Chef
is launching this month from Brighter Minds Media. Be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our official review and strategy guide.