Merscom, National Geographic and developer Media Art have teamed up to present the upcoming hidden object game Herod’s Lost Tomb, which will take gamers on an archaeological journey through the life and death of one of the most famous rulers of the ancient Middle East, King Herod the Great.

Although Herod was portrayed as a bloody tyrant in the Bible, he’s also called Herod the Builder for the many ambitious construction projects that he undertook during his reign.

According to publisher Merscom, the game was inspired by a National Geographic television special exploring Herod’s archeological adventures, and its content has been checked by National Geographic researchers and historians.

Herod’s Lost Tomb features five mini-games and 16 locations based on scenery taken from National Geographic’s world famous photo library. The game will also feature footage and highlights from the show, and voice-overs. A reusable hint system will ensure that players never yet stuck.

The game will be launching soon, so check back to Gamezebo to read our full review and strategy guide.