The Swedish-based creators of Dracula Twins, Legendo, are working on another spooky game that’s scheduled to launch just in time for Haloween. Spooky Spirits is a puzzle game that centers on the adventures of two "spirit wardens" named Becky and Tim, who are tasked with hunting down runaway ghosts that have escaped from the Netherworld.

Becky and Tim’s search takes them to haunted locations including the Egyptian Sphinx, an ancient Mayan pyramid in Mexico, and a haunted house in England. Here, the goal is to recapture the naughty ghosts, known as Spookies, by building and expanding stacks of them in any direction or number in a twist on traditional falling block and match-three formats.

The game will feature three unique game modes: Panic, Puzzle and Eternity, which will offer a choice of speed-oriented gameplay or a more relaxed pace.