Clocktower Games has announced that it will soon be launching the first chapter in its episodic mystery game Casebook, Episode I.

What’s unique about Casebook is that it uses a special technology developed by a company called Areograph that is able to blend real film footage (including real actors and real locations) into the gameplay.

The results are photorealistic 3D environments with characters that look like they’re straight out of a movie or TV show — check out the screenshots and you’ll see what we mean. The game will also feature more than 30 minutes of cinematic cutscenes.

You play the role of a rookie detective paired with Detective James Burton. In Episode I, you’ll help Burton to solve a kidnapping case by scouring the crime scene to gather forensic evidence, and interviewing suspects.

Gameplay involves using your camera to collect photos in realistic crime scenes, and analyzing clues in a dozen different mini-games including dusting for fingerprints and isolating chemical samples in the lab.

According to Clocktower, there will be at least three other episodes in the Casebook series following Episode I, which will let players investigate further crimes. As for Casebook, Episode I, be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our review and strategy guide once the game has been released!