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Check out these tips and tricks for Slingo Supreme, courtesy of Funkitron.



  • There are three modes, Supreme, Classic, and Daily Challenge. You have to complete one game of Supreme to unlock Classic and Daily Challenge.
  • Supreme Mode:
  • In this mode you’re presented with 16 different special powers that you can apply to the game. Your goal is to score lots of points, fill up the card, and unlock more special powers.
  • To activate a special power, you need to have enough space at the bottom of the screen to fit it, and you have to have enough stars to pay for it. To find out how many stars it costs to activate a special power, look below the description on the right hand side of the screen. To find how many stars you have available, look at the top right corner. You also need to unlock that special power for use in the game. If a special power is still locked, when you mouse over it, the requirements will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen.
  • If you don’t have enough stars or space to fit a power, you might consider turning off some of the ones you already have turned on, by clicking them on the bottom row, or by clicking them where they’re checked off.
  • You unlock stars, slots, and special powers by playing the game. The more games you play, in general the more you’ll unlock, but each has specific goals.
  • You can find out how to unlock stars by clicking your star count in the top right corner of the Supreme Mode screen.
  • You can find out how to unlock slots by clicking a locked slot at the bottom of the Supreme Mode screen.
  • Playing Slingo:
  • The fast match counter ticks up whenever you make a match within a few seconds. If you make a match within 2 seconds, the value on the meter will increase. If you make a match within 3 seconds, it will stay the same. The value on the speed meter is added to your score every time you make a match. The progression is 50,100,200,300,500,800,1000,1300,1800. You can get fast match points for matching as soon as the reels stop.
  • When you make five matches in a row, you get a Slingo worth at least 1,000 points. This is by far the best way to score points.
  • The Super Joker always matches first. Be sure not to match a cell that you could match some other way with the super joker, or it’ll be wasted. The superjoker makes a characteristic "Boowip" sound when it comes up, and turns all cells yellow.
  • When you make several slingos at once, each slingo is worth twice as much as the previous one. It is worth as many points to make three slingos in one go (from a corner, for instance) than to make six slingos one at a time!

Classic Mode:

  • In classic mode, you don’t get any special powers, no secret key, and no devil minigames. The goal is to score as high as possible.

Daily Challenge:

  • The goal of the daily challenge is to use a set of special powers to beat a predetermined score value.
  • The daily challenge resets once a day.
  • The daily challenge set of special powers is based on which ones you’ve unlocked, so if you want more complicated challenges, unlock more powers in Supreme Mode.
  • The score goal is calculated based on how valuable the powers for the challenge are. There’s a slow ramp up– the first ten challenges you beat are extra easy.
  • The game tries not to repeat daily challenges if possible.


  • Devil’s Coin Toss and Devil’s Shell Game are the only skill-based minigames. All others are chance.
  • If you have devil protection, you should always bet as much as you can, for a chance at doubling your score. There’s no downside to big bets with devil protection.
  • On the devil’s shell game, it can help to follow the cup with the cherub with your mouse to keep track.
  • On the devil’s coin, the coin keeps spinning (slowing down somewhat) after you click. The best time to click is just after the devil has shown and is starting to roll away from you.
  • If you don’t have devil protection, often it’s best to bet just a quarter on the chance games. While the expected value of a minigame is that the odds are even, the fraction of your score you lose is bigger than the fraction you win. But to have a chance at the truly large scores, it’s best to bet everything and hope you get lucky.
  • At most you can have 3 minigames in 1 game of Slingo. After that, devils stop coming up.


  • Patterns: Try to fill out the rows with the most patterned cells first. Good powers to make solving patterns easier are power shots, instant slingos, reel nudges, and cell jokers. The earlier in the game you get the pattern, the more points it’s worth, but bigger, more complicated patterns are worth much more than little, quickly-solved patterns.
  • SlingoVision: This is a great power for planning out combinations. If you want to try to get all your multipliers at once, the powerup vision half can show you where they are. SlingoVision also lets you get the fast match bonus all the time, every time.
  • Nudge: Use this power for two things. First, it gives you a second chance at any reel powerup you want to get more of, including more minigames, more coins, more free spins, and soforth. Second, it gives you more chances to match, leading to more full cards.
  • Extra Spin: This power gives you more spins, which gives you more time to finish the pattern or fill the card. This works best with other powerups that let you finish the game faster, because having more spins gives you a bigger full card and pattern complete bonus.
  • Cell Jokers: Since each cell joker is like a superjoker, this is the power that gives you the best possible control of which cells you match in which order. Pair it with SlingoVision for perfect control of what’s happening on the board, which is very important for getting the UnSlingo award.
  • Extra Coins and Super Extra Coins: This puts some extra coins on the board. The Super Extra Coins version is much better. If there’s something you want to unlock that has a coin requirement (Super Extra Coins, the Coin Collector Award, or just more stars), use this power. Oh, the extra points are nice, too.
  • Mystery Chests: Mystery chests will either double your score or cut them in half, which makes them better than the devil’s minigames– if you lose it’s like you only bet half, but if you win, it’s like you bet everything. There can be at most 3. If you were to win on all 3 mystery chests and all 3 minigames, you’d multiply your score by a factor of 64. The best way to protect yourself from the dangers of losing points in mystery chests is with Devil Protection.
  • Devil Protection: This is a handy way to protect your nice score from a sudden incursion by the devil. In addition, it gives you reason to bet big on the minigames, which can be very important for getting the very highest scores.
  • Multipliers and Super Multipliers: Your score is increased by the sum of the multipliers you’ve found. If you have a 3x, a 5x, and a 2x, all your scores are multiplied by 2+3+5 = 10. This is very important for reaching high scores. Super Multipliers places more multipliers in the game, and has the powerups last longer in your meter. (3-4 turns instead of 2-3 turns)
  • Power Shots: Power shots match all the adjacent squares to them. If you make multiple slingos at once with the different pieces of the power shot, they all count together. Normally you can only get 4 slingos at once. With a power shot, you could theoretically get 8 for 1,000 + 2000 + 4000 + 8000 + 16000 + 32000 + 64000 + 128000 = 255,000 points! If you’re really lucky, you can set off your power shot to run into another power shot for a chain reaction for even more.
  • Instant Slingos: These match every square in an entire row or column. Like power shots, these are great for setting of crazy numbers of slingos simultaneously. Combine instant slingos with bouncing slingos and you have a recipe for a truly fantastic score if you get lucky.
  • Bouncing Slingos: While Super Multipliers gives you the highest average points, when it comes to truly exceptional games, turn to Bouncing Slingos. A normal Slingo Board has only 12 possible slingos on it. The addition of Bouncing Slingos adds another 12, and increases the maximum number you can set off from a single square to 6 at once. Combine this with instant slingos and you’re looking at scores in the billions before you even take multipliers, mystery chests, or minigames into account. The sky’s the limit.


  • There are several awards you can get in the game for doing special things. They’re generally harder to get than unlocking special powers or stars.
  • Pattern Basher is probably the hardest, requiring over 200 games played to unlock.
  • To get UnSlingo, you need to make 20 matches in one game before you start getting slingos. There’s a number of different shapes you can make that will satisfy this requirement. Probably the simplest is to leave a diagonal stripe of 5 cells not matches, and match everything else.


  • While the real goal of Slingo Supreme is high scores, lots of people like getting full cards. This is best achieved using powers that clear the board quickly. In order of decreasing effectiveness, the best powerups for this are: Instant Slingos, Power Shots, Cell Jokers, Extra Spins, Reel Nudge. Putting on powers that don’t help you match faster may actually make you match slower by gumming up the reels with things you can’t match such as coins.


  • The exact formula for the truly ridiculous scores varies from person to person. Below are basic guidelines that will help you get started.
  • It’s easily possible to get hundreds of millions of points. With more patience, you can get billions of points.
  • Bouncing slingos is a necessity to build up a large base score quickly.
  • Super multipliers is generally considered important, to increase that base score.
  • Bet everything you have on minigames. If this makes you nervous, back the bets with devil protection.
  • Mystery chests will give you 3 more chances to double your score. Try to use them as late in the game as possible for better results.
  • SlingoVision and Powerup Vision will let you see where the powerups are so you can try to get them in an order that’s useful for you.
  • Cell Jokers are very useful for having more control over what order you make matches, for instance if you’re trying to save up for one big burst of slingos or trying to get powerups as quickly as you can.
  • Try to trigger as many Slingos simultaneously as possible. Bouncing slingos combined with instant slingos or power shots is the best way to do this.
  • Unlocking all the stars and slots will make it easier to experiment, but is not strictly necessary.
  • The Supreme Mode screen will tell you what your best score is with the current set of selected powers. You can use this to see if you’ve used a particular combination before and if so, how good it was.