Redrum is a reference to Stephen King’s horror classic The Shining, and it’s a clear indication that Anarchy Enterprises had something a little different in mind when they designed this upcoming mature-themed hidden object game.

Based on the sneak-peak that Anarchy Enterprises gave us, Redrum isn’t a game that you’d want to play with the kids. But a juicy mystery-horror plot and a mature tone reminiscent of games like Women’s Murder Club indicated a casual game that isn’t afraid to push the envelope with edgier content.

Rose is a young girl who claims to have conversations with ghosts and gets committed to an insane asylum as a result. Unluckily for her, she becomes a patient of Dr. Sigmund Fraud, an unscrupulous psychiatrist who is determined to exploit Rose’s condition and milk her wealthy father out of a lot of money by prescribing expensive (and unnecessary) treatments.

The story is told through the diary entries of the three main characters: Rose, Dr. Fraud, and Rose’s uncle, a detective who looks out for his niece and is beginning to expect that Dr. Fraud is up to no good.

It’s soon revealed that through the help of her ghostly friends, Rose is able to communicate clues to her uncle about the murder cases that he’s investigating. But Rose’s days may be numbered, as Dr. Fraud is determined to perform a lobotomy on her to put her into a permanent vegetative state so that she’ll be his permanent patient for years to come.

Redrum is a two-pronged adventure. As the detective, you’ll investigate crimes like the murder of a wealthy billionaire by searching crime scenes for clues. This can include straightforward seek-and-find gameplay, but we also saw some twists on the standard format including using night-vision goggles to poke around night-time scenes, and scenes that were divided into tiles with a list of specific tiles to find.

Back at the asylum, you must also help Rose fend off Dr. Fraud’s malevolent attempts to make her sicker to keep her in the hospital. In one example, Dr. Fraud has planted germs in Rose’s blood and you have to get rid of them by finding and clicking on 15 germs in the scene to remove them.
Redrum definitely has some disturbing imagery, like skeletons, syringes, bodies without skin and other macabre things. But both the gameplay and the story appear solid, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into the full version when the game launches soon. Check back soon for our full review and strategy guide.