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Check out our Tips and Tricks for Photo Mania.


General Tips


It is very important to mind the two different kinds of paper for the photos. If you choose the wrong one you will have to throw away the photo. After you have taken a photo of a customer you will recognize his preference above his head. If the photo has a sun at its upper corner, he wants to have the glossy paper, if there is no sun, just click the matte paper.



By the way, if you click on the wrong paper by accident you can still correct your mistake by clicking the right one. Not before you have clicked the printer it is too late to adjust any mistake.



The dog randomly appears at the right upper corner of the screen. His barking quickly decreases the patience of your customers. You can chase him away by simply clicking on him as quickly as possible.


As there are no different customer types it is not important to mind their patience. In this game your guiding principle should be "First come, first served", because they lose their patience in exactly the same manner and there is no possibility to increase the patience of just one customer.



It is a good idea to readjust the camera with a new film immediately after you removed a photo because so your character does not have to move and it saves time. A new film for the camera costs fifty dollars, but you will always have the money so do not mind about that.



There are some actions that you can make although your character is already occupied with another task, these are: the choice of the background color as well as the choice of the pattern, grabbing the money from the shop counter, directing the customers and dealing with the dog.



The value of the patterns reaches from one $-sign up to four $-signs, always assure that you take the most valuable for each customer. By the way, you can choose the pattern never before the background color, so do not mix that up.



It is still possible to remove a customer from the ‘photo stage’ when he already has chosen a background color. This can become necessary if you forgot to remove a photo from the camera or when you have to make a second photo for a customer who already waits at the shop counter due to a mistake you made by the production of his first photo.



It is important to develop a working routine quickly while making photos. The best strategy to be as efficient as possible is as follows:


  1. 1) Click on the customer who is first in the row. Wait until he has decided which background color he prefers and choose it.
  2. 2) Then go through the different pattern options and take the one with four $-signs.
  3. 3) After these two steps you are ready with the preparation of the photo shoot, so now you can click the camera.
  4. 4) Click the customer once more to move him automatically behind the shop counter.
  5. 5) The next step is very important. Before you can take a new customer in front of your camera, you have to get the photo off by simply clicking it, it will be moved to the printer automatically, too. If you forget this step you are neither able to take a new photo, nor can you remove the old photo anymore.
  6. 6) The next two steps will be to choose the kind of paper the customer prefers and to click the printer to finish the production of the photo.
  7. 7) When you have done all these tasks the new customer you had already sent in front of the camera should already have decided for a background color and you can repeat the whole strategy again. At last do not forget to give the customers the finished photos by clicking the printer again and to grab the money from the shop counter.   


The mini-game in-between the levels wants you to place the people in a specific order. There is no time limit, so you are free to try out which will be the right position for a person. You will notice the right position by a green aura around the person. After you have placed every person into the fitting place you receive bonus money, but if this mini-game bores you do not hesitate to skip it, though you will certainly miss the bonus money then as well.  





The cat just sits on the shop counter and makes the customers happier. It should be your first upgrade because it keeps up the mood of the customers and provides more income independent of which photo they order. It also helps to compensate the barking of the dog when you are actually busy with another task.



The patterns just increase the amount of money you earn by each photo. It is clever to upgrade them before the photo paper, because this upgrade influences every photo, while the two different kinds of photo paper only increase a photo’s worth when they are actually ordered.


The upgrading of the camera offers the possibility to make more photos without buying a new film. It is also advisable to upgrade the camera earlier because the readjustment of it with a new film is one of the very few ‘events’ that can break your strategy.


The two kinds of paper provide the same advantage as the upgraded patterns, you simply earn more money what eases the achievement of the expert score.  


The trash can decreases the amount of money you lose when you have to throw away something you produced by accident or if a customer leaves out of anger. You can neglect this upgrade until you have upgraded everything else to the utmost, because actually it rarely happens that a customer leaves or that you make a mistake. That means the effect of this upgrade is very small.


The same applies to the printer. Upgrading this machine just increases its production speed, which is absolutely not necessary if you follow your own routine. While the printing of a photo is in process you can take care of other tasks, that means more rapidity does not offer you any advantage.