The addictive blend of slots and bingo known as Slingo has been delighting casual gamers for more than a decade in one form or another, and soon Slingo fans will be able to add Slingo Supreme to the list.

According to the team at Funkitron, the goal behind Slingo Supreme is to create a flagship product for all Slingo fans — and a direct sequel to the hit that started it all: Slingo Deluxe.

The challenge, though, was figuring out how to make a flagship product for a type of game that’s not a quest-based or adventure game but still give players a fully-featured experience that lasts a long time.

The answer was to introduce a slew of new gameplay features, and at the heart of these new features is a new mode called Supreme.

In Supreme mode you’ll unlock power-ups as you play that allow you to actually build your own custom Slingo game. With 12 types of power-ups, each of which can be combined in different ways to create totally new play experiences, there are more than 16,000 potential ways to play.

If you hate the Devil with a passion, instead of just taking half your points you can finally get back at him through new Devil mini-games.

There’s also Reel Nudge, which gives you another chance to make a match by knocking the reels when no match exists.

The game can also create a custom challenge for you each day, so you can start each day with a new challenge. According to Funkitron, game design is such that you’ll never run out of daily challenges.

Funkitron seems confident that this is going to be the best, most fully-featured Slingo game of all-time. Will it live up to the hype? For that you’ll have to wait for our full review, which we’ll publish along with our strategy guide when Slingo Supreme launches.