Many casual games have tackled some aspect of the fashion industry, but the upcoming Satisfashion covers everything from clothing design, dressing and make-up to a special portfolio feature where you can create and display your own unique outfits.

Its designers describe Satisfashion as a combination of time management and arcade gameplay spanning 48 levels. As the newest hire at uber-fabulous international fashion house Satisfashion, you’ll get to hold fashion shows around the world to impress buyers and increase Satisfashion’s prestige on the world stage.

The goal is to use the clothing, jewelry and make-up available to match models to the style of the particular show (for example, a trendy spring theme).  While doing so you’ll earn design points to create your own clothing, and you’ll also get to participate in a runway-themed mini-game at the end of each show.

Satisfashion offers 8 cities with two fashion shows per location, three gameplay modes, and special features including the aforementioned designer’s portfolio and a photo shoot mode where you can take pictures of the models posing in the clothing you’ve designed.

Satisfashion will be launching soon, so stay tuned for our review and strategy guide. In the meantime, you can discuss the game here.