If you’re artistically inclined and handy with a glue-stick, scrapbooking is a great way to commemorate family milestones like weddings and children. But even if you’ve never actually participated in the popular craft, the upcoming hidden object game, Scrapbook Paige, lets you try your hand at helping to run a scrapbooking store.

Paige’s store is a little cluttered, so before she can start a scrapbooking project you’ll have to help her find the things she needs by looking through drawers of buttons and pins, pegboards of sticker packets, and a table top of ribbons and tags.

The layouts of the scenes are similar to Can You See What I See in that there are a lot of small items to find, but thankfully you can turn on a handy magnifying glass to make things easier on the eyes.

Some items to find are in riddle format, like "This fruit fell on Newton’s head and is commonly found in green or red," which is of course an apple.

Once all the items are found, you get to create a scrapbook page by dragging and dropping missing pieces. You can also get creative by further spicing up the page based on your own design.

We’ll let you know as soon as Scrapbook Paige launches, and be sure to check back to Gamezebo for our full review and strategy guide.