Shockwave’s first foray into hidden object games, Amazing Finds, is launching next week. The game takes seek-and-find gameplay and wraps it into an international scavenger hunt.

Great Uncle McGriff has amassed a vast assortment of rare objects and memorabilia during the decades he’s spent as a collector, but eight especially uncommon objects have eluded his grasp.

Armed with a journal full of clues and a magical lucky coin, you’ll travel around the globe exploring some of the world’s greatest flea markets and bazaars to find the rare objects and complete McGriff’s collection.

Your travels will take you to eight exotic locations including the Portobello Road Market in London, Morocco’s Marrakech Souq and New York’s rough Hell’s Kitchen district.

You’ll have to scour each flea market for unique and often offbeat treasures while interacting with a diverse cast of vendors and salespeople until you find the one that means the most to Uncle Griff.

The game will also feature eight brain-teasing mini-games, and an arcade mode that gives you unlimited access to them.

Stay tuned for our review and strategy guide when the game launches, and in the meantime you can talk about Amazing Finds here.