a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:16:”Music Catch Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:5454:”Check out our tips and tricks for Music Catch.


  • Don’t let the shapes distract you. This game is about color, so it’s important to know how they work.
  • Green gives you points, and is the most common color.
  • Yellow adds to the score multiplier. This is the number visible in your catcher. This number is multiplied with the points given by green shapes. For example, if a green shape is worth 5 points on its own, with a multiplier of 4, each green shape is now worth 20. Think about how high the score can go with a multiplier of 60 or higher! Also, the multiplier makes your catcher bigger as the number goes up.
  • Purple turns your catch into a vacuum, drawing all the greens, purples and yellows right to you. If you see a purple, it’s really worth grabbing. They suck up everything good, leaving the reds to rise and fall naturally.
  • Be careful to avoid the red shapes, as they slash your multiplier in half, and shrink your catcher, making it harder to catch lots of shapes.
  • Once you ignore the shapes and “zone out” it’s a lot easier to see the important colors (yellow, purple and red) through the sea of green.


  • The levels are created on the fly by the music that’s playing. There are a lot of factors, but if you know a little something about sound, then you’ll have a better understanding of how the levels will present themselves.
  • The louder the piece, the further the shapes will fly from the rotating plane. If the song gets louder, move away from rotating plane on the edge of the playfield.
  • High pitches make smaller shapes, but low pitches make bigger shapes. Also, if a song has a big range of notes, like a symphony, there are going to be many more notes flying out from the plane.
  • The game detects the sound the same way your media player makes visuals (you might have seen something like this called a “graphic equalizer”). If it’s a solo instrument, or a simple rock song, the range of notes will be reduced, giving a smaller array of shapes flying at you.
  • Know your songs. If you know the song before you play it, you’ll be able to predict how big the shapes will be (making them easier to catch), how far away from the plane they’ll fly and how wide they’ll be dispersed.


  • The shapes rise off the plane rotating around the playfield, then fall back down towards it and shrink, fading away. You can use this to your advantage. If you miss it coming up, you can catch it back down. You can always catch that extra multiplier or purple this way.
  • On the other hand, the reds fall back down too, just like the rest of them. Be careful not to let a red clip you on the way down.
  • When maneuvering, the most efficient way to move around is in a figure-8 pattern. You can deftly move between the dangerous reds and snag those shapes on their descent too.
  • When you grab a purple, take some time to move away from the plane. It ensuresthat you’ll not be hit by the reds, and then the suction stops, there will be some momentum that will let you pick up those few extra shapes (and points!).
  • As your multiplier increases, so does your size. The plus side to your plus size is you can catch more shapes simultaneously. Unfortunately, it also makes you much more vulnerable to a small red shape. Watch your edges!
  • When you get hit with a red at a very high multiplier it hurts. But if your multiplier is low – under 4 – then feel free to catch shapes with fairly reckless abandon.
  • Especially at the higher multiplier levels, sometimes the shapes aren’t worth going after. It’s better to lose a couple of percent because three reds appears in a swath of green than to drop from 40 to 20 on your multiplier.
  • The medals are awarded by the percentage of shapes caught. The more, the better! The levels are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The medals are independent of your score on the scoreboard, but odds are pretty good that if you caught the majority of the shapes, you were probably pretty big for most of the round, meaning you had a high multiplier the whole time. Basically, go big!
  • How far away you are from the plane while playing is up to you. The distances each have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re far away, you have a lot more maneuverability around the reds, but you’ll miss a lot of the green. If you’re closer, you’ll definitely catch more shapes, but you might get hit by a an unseen red.
  • Don’t just concentrate on the middle of the plane. Be sure not to forget to look at the edges. If you do, you might miss that extra multiplier, or even the all-important purple!
  • Pick songs according to your mood. Your response to this game is really dependent upon the music you pick. Slow, smooth music will give a more uniform playing experience while percussive music will make for a much more frenetic experience.
  • The music itself has a profound effect on your mood, too. Don’t go listening and playing Megadeth after a long day!
  • Most of all: Relax. The more relaxed you are, the smoother your moves, and the better you can control the catcher.