First it was pizza, then subs, and now burritos. The next game in the frenetic and fast-paced Turbo time management series, Turbo Fiesta, sees Rebecca and Robert opening up a Mexican restaurant in outer space, and even in zero gravity, the action looks to be as insane as ever based on the sneak peek I-Play gave us on the upcoming title.

Rebecca’s loveable but eccentric Auntie Rhonda has started a space tourism business – and apparently space food tastes awful. That gives Rebecca the idea of starting a restaurant in space to serve burritos, nachos and other Mexican fare to space tourists. And so, she drags her ever-reluctant cook, Robert, on board a rocket headed for the space station – little do they know, however, that the rocket also contains two stowaways: the henchwomen of the nefarious Mr. Von Simoleon who wants Rebecca’s restaurant destroyed.

The restaurant layout is once again identical to Turbo Pizza and Turbo Subs, with a semi-circular counter that customers approach to place their orders. In Turbo Fiesta, however, you’ll be introduced to some suitably space-age new machines, such as the Robo Chef, a set of robotic arms that can fold a burrito in seconds flat. All Robert has to do is punch a few buttons on a keyboard – in fact, his life has never been easier and he seems to spend most of the level playing on his PDA while Rebecca runs around frantically.

There’s also a nuclear-powered oven for frying up nachos and burritos, and something called the Rehydrator, which takes dehydrated food capsules (the kind astronauts normally eat during shuttle voyages), and turns them back into palatable dishes, like beans.

In between levels, you can shop for upgrades like the Helping Hand Bot, which holds a third item for Rebecca, speed boosts for both Rebecca and the machines, upgrades to machines that yield more money per order, and swankier looking furniture that will improve customer patience.

Turbo Fiesta still boasts the enormously fun turbo meter – a hallmark of the Turbo series – that, when charged by performing enough combos, sends the game into a super-speedy mode that seems like someone pressed the fast-forward button. But here’s something new: if you’re able to charge the Turbo meter three times over in a single level, you’ll activate a new Fiesta mode, which is even more over the top: machines now deliver food instantly instead of having to wait for them to cook, and customers’ happiness stays fully-charged no matter what. Arrriba!

Turbo Fiesta
boasts six chapters and 60 levels of space-faring fun, and will be launching very soon. Check back for our full review and strategy guide.