Fans of Burger Rush – a game where you matched ingredients on a sizzling stovetop to create healthy burgers to serve to impatient customers – will soon have a sequel. Gamenauts is putting the finishing touches on Restaurant Rush as we speak, and gave us the lowdown on the game’s new features.

What’s new in Restaurant Rush? Let’s start with the fact that you can now cook more than 50 recipes from Pizza Marinara to Dim Sum and Filet Mignon, and please customers with 15 different desserts.

Another new feature is the Farmer’s Market, which gives you the ability to upgrade a dish’s ingredients and adds a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

There’s a new Jukebox that lets players play and purchase songs to cater to specific customers’ tastes and keep them happy. Speaking of customers, there are 11 new customer types to look forward to, including the Aerobics Guru, German bodybuilder and Supergeek.

Players can take part in bonus challenges for each level, such as completing a level with no angry customers, and the Cooking Showdown, a speed cooking competition that rewards skilled players with additionak tokens.

Gameplay will feature faster and more responsive matching, which was one of our few complaints with the original Burger Rush.

Restaurant Rush will offer more than 80 levels in two gameplay modes, along with multiple endings: Heidi’s story will be determined by how well the player has played.