Positech Games has released the first screenshots for its next game, Kudos 2, which is scheduled for released in early October. Kudos 2 is the sequel to the life simulation strategy game that puts you in charge of a character from the age of 20 to 30 and challenges you to help them make something of themselves.

In this turn-based game, your character starts out uneducated and penniless, working a dead-end job. Your goal is to improve their life, whether that means making them happier, more popular, wealthier, or by carving out a career.

According to Positech Games, Kudos 2 will take into account every nuance of your character’s personality and moods. Every day, the decisions you make will change your character for the better or worse, from what books they read to who they associate with, what food they eat, and which TV programs they watch.

Kudos 2 is designed and coded by Cliff Harris, a former AI programmer with Lionhead Studios (creators of in-depth strategy games like Black and White, The Movies and Fable), with artwork by Jamie McKelvie and Chris Hildebrand and music by Jesse Hopkins.