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Check out our tips and tricks for Gunslinger Solitaire.


  • If you win a stage, no matter what round you’re at you can automatically skip ahead to the next stage. At the end of the round, go to the Main Menu, then click Play to access the map. You’ll see a Star representing the round you’re at, and a green box ahead representing the start of the next stage. Click on the green box to skip ahead.
  • Scoring: You earn $5 for each card you remove from the playing field. If you clear the last card in a column it’s worth $10.
  • In later stages where you have to earn large sums of money, bullet cards are the key. Make sure you buy as many bullet cards as you can carry between rounds by going to the General Store from the Main Menu, and use the bullet cards to keep your combo going to run up your Trigger Happy bonus multiplyer – this will earn you a ton of extra cash after the round is finished.


  • There are three types of cash in the game:
  • Round Cash: How much cash you have earned in the current round.
  • Stage
    Cash: How much cash you have earned in the current stage (if you are
    aiming towards a cash-based stage goal, like earn $6,000 in the stage,
    then this is the number to monitor).
  • Total Cash: This is how much cash you’ve earned over all stages. It can be used to purchase items from the General Store.


Stage 1
Goal: Earn $4,000 or more


Stage 2
Goal: Trigger Happy run of 8 or more


Stage 3
Goal: Earn $6,000 or more


Stage 4
Goal: Obtain a Perfect (clear all cards in one round)


Stage 5
Goal: Trigger Happy run of 12 or more


Stage 6
Goal: Earn $8,000 or more


Stage 7
Goal: Earn a Perfect


Stage 8
Goal: Trigger Happy run of 15 or more


Stage 9:
Goal: Earn $10,000 or more


Stage 10:
Goal: Earn a Perfect.



  • Playing 5 cards in a row initiates the Trigger Happy bonus, and from then on you’ll receive a .1 score multiplyer bonus for every new card you clear.
  • Keep matching cards to keep your bonus going. The bonus is reset each time you have to drawn a new card from the pile.
  • Clicking on a bonus card (like Target Practice or Shooting Gallery) keeps the bonus going
  • Using a Bullet card will continue your Trigger Happy bonus — the value of the bullet card doesn’t have to go in sequence.
  • The highest bonus you achieve during the round will be applied at the end of the round to your total cash. For example, if you achieve Trigger Happy bonuses of 1.4 and 2.2, the 2.2 will be applied.


  • Sometimes you’ll draw these cards automatically – when that happens, the mini-game will start right away. Or, sometimes the cards will be part of the columns of cards and will get turned up as you make matches. In the latter case, you can initiate the mini-game by clicking on the card.

Shooting Gallery

  • Shoot as many money bags as you can in 30 seconds. Remember to click on the Reload button when you run out of bullets.
  • If two bags are overlapped, you can shoot one and get them both in one shot. You’ll earn $5 for every bag you hit.

Target Practice

  • Shoot the arrow to hit the target. Aim slightly higher than the middle to hit the board (see screenshot for an example).

Duck Shoot

  • Shoot as many ducks as you can in 10 seconds – remember to reload your gun.

Tin Can Range

  • Shoot the can with your rifle to keep it in the air. You earn money for each hit.
  • The arrows moving along the top of the screen give you a hint about where the can is about the fall.

Find the Bandit

  • You have three chances to find the bandit. Click on the squares with question marks to guess where he’s hiding. This game is based on random luck, so you have a 50/50 chance of finding the bandit.

Shoot the Gunslinger

  • Shoot the gunslingers on the screen. Don’t forget to reload your gun after six shots.


  • You can visit the General Store in between rounds by going to the Main Menu from the Map Scren, then clicking on General Store.
  • Most items you buy once and then have them in your inventory forever, except for the Bullet cards which you can keep replenishing.

Knife $100

  • Gives you one Undo per round
  • After this is purchased, you can click on the knife that appears on the screen while you’re playing a round to undo the last card you flipped over.

Cowboy Hat $200

  • Start with a 1.2x cash multiplier each round. The bonus is applied at the end of the round.
  • If you get a Trigger Happy bonus, it will be added to your Cowboy Hat bonus, meaning it will start at 1.3, then 1.4, and so on.

Bullet Card $250

  • You can carry up to 6 bullet cards at a time.
  • You can play a bullet card at any time during a round.
  • Each bullet you purchase has a number next to it during the round, which indicates what number the bullet card will be when you play it. For example, a bullet with a 4 next to it will turn into a bullet card with a value of 4 when played, meaning you can then play a 3 or a 5 on top of it.
  • It’s a good idea to buy as many bullets as you can afford in between rounds, because they come in very handy for helping you achieve Perfect scores and getting high Trigger Happy bonuses.
  • When you play a bullet card, it will not add to your Trigger Happy bonus, but it won’t reset it either, so you can play off the bullet card to keep your bonus going.

Cowboy Spurs $400

  • Get 10 extra seconds in the shooting gallery.

Hand Gun $600

  • Your gun reloads faster.

Rifle $800

  • Get more fire-power in the tin can range.

Indian Headdress $1,000

  • The arrow moves slower in the Target Practice mini-game.

Gloves $1,500

  • Earn an extra $1,000 for passing a stage.

Boots $2,000

  • 25% more cards are face up during a round.