What do you do when you’re the doctor and someone comes into your hospital with butterflies in their stomach, water on the knee, and a frog in the throat? Operate of course! Operation Mania is a new twist on Hasbro’s classic Operation board game that will be launching soon courtesy of EA’s casual games site Pogo.com.

You’ll play as Dr. Humerus, an up and coming surgeon, as he builds his reputation and is called to save the day at five different hospitals admitting, diagnosing and treating patiens with the zaniest ailments in healthcare history.

You’ll race against the clock to send a variety of patients – including Cavity Sam, the red-nosed, helmet-headed character from the board game – through a series of treatment stations. Perform surgery by completing micro-games reminiscent of the board game, and be quick and effective with treatment before the patient’s nose starts flashing and time is up.

Key features of Operation Mania will include:

  • Hospital management: Diagnose and treat both standard and emergency patients, and run them through a gauntlet of medical procedures including admissions, x-ray and of course operations.
  • Unique hospital settings: Advance through 35 levels and five hospitals in different regions.
  • Two game modes: Rise through the ranks in Story Mode or go for a challenge in Marathon Mode to care for patients as long as possible and experiment with endless upgrade combinations.
  • Micro-games: Show surgical finesse by completing micro-games with a steady hand. The bite-sized challenges are reminiscent of the board game.
  • Upgrade the hospital: Spend money earned curing patients to buy upgrades for the hospital, including better equipment, faster service and additional staff.
  • Multiplayer: Overcrowded waiting rooms can be alleviated by referring patients to friends and family online.

Operation Mania will be available online at Pogo.com in North America and the U.K. in August and at retail in North America in September for $19.95.