Every high school has its "mean girls" – the clique of the prettiest, most popular girls who always seemed to have the most terrible personalities. In Mean Girls: High School Showdown, a game based on the movie that launched Lindsay Lohan’s career, you’ll take on the role of a high school student trying to restore the balance of power by bringing down the biggest clique of them all: the Plastics.

To end the Plastics’ reign of terror, players will need to unite the rest of the cliques in the school by using a few tricks of their own. The gameplay features a match-three combat system that pits you against another girl (think Puzzle Quest), where you take turns making combos of lipstick, mirrors, diamonds and other objects to "attack" the other player.

Players can choose to take the high road by using kind words and revealing important truths at the right time, or use the Plastic¹s own evil tricks against them, by using rumors, pranks and put downs. A mix of both might go a long way, too.

You can choose to play as one of 15 different cliques, including jock, rebel, slacker and nerd.

Mean Girls: High School Showdown is scheduled to launch later this year.