When we interviewed Sandlot Games CEO Daniel Bernstein last month about Cake Mania 2 being nominated for a couple of Zeeby Awards, he dropped some hints about the upcoming Cake Mania 3 as well. Today we have new information to share with you about the game, including screenshots and a launch date of August, 2008. (Psst, that’s next month!)

The game finds Jill nervously preparing for her wedding day when disaster strikes. Something called a Time Bender shatters, and she finds herself bouncing through time and visiting historical settings like Ancient Egypt and Revolutionary France to an unkown future where anything is possible. Jill must work quickly to find her way back before the ceremony begins.

Fans of Sandlot’s cake-baking time management game will be able to sink their teeth into hundreds of levels of cake baking madness, three mini-games, tons of new upgrades, items and power-ups, downloadable levels that will be available from within the game, and even the ability to design Jill’s wedding cake and send it to your friends via email.

Stay tuned for Cake Mania 3 to launch in August, and check back to Gamezebo for our review and strategy guide. (Note: Click on the Screenshots tab above to view them.)