Dream Chronicles is in the running for Best Hidden Object & Adventure Game of 2007 at the upcoming Zeeby Awards. We chatted with Miguel Tartaj of KatGames, creator of Dream Chronicles, about what makes the game special and why it deserves to get your vote.

Can you give us insights or fun facts about the development of this game?

Dream Chronicles is unique, unlike any other casual game, and it was rejected by other portals and publishers before we found PlayFirst. It changed a lot from concept to final product. One fun fact is that, in the first prototype, the main characters were turned around — you were playing as Fidget and looking for your wife, Faye. Also, there are so many details in the game that hold a special meaning. For instance, one of the plants in the greenhouse is named Elvira, like my mother, a true plant lover.

What makes Dream Chronicles special, and why should people vote for it?

Dream Chronicles is all about love and passion, and I’m not referring to the story alone. A lot of care and love, deeply from our hearts, was put in the development of this game. Does the game show this? Would you say the same? Then consider Dream Chronicles for your vote.

From a less personal point of view, support adventure games! Dream Chronicles is nominated in the “hidden object/adventure game” category. Perhaps if the winner is an adventure game this year, we’ll get a stand alone “adventure” category in the future.

Besides your own game of course, what other games impressed you in 2007?

So many! In general, I liked all the games that tried something new or offered a very original twist. Hats off to the other Zeeby nominees!

If you win a Zeeby, how do you plan to celebrate (aside for going to Disneyworld, of course)?

I would have mixed feelings. I lost my mother during the development of Dream Chronicles. Many times, while thinking about the game or working long hours, memories of her helped me and even pushed me. International recognition would have meant something very special to her… So my first thought would go for her, after that… I don’t know.

Any final words for your fans?

Share your comments with us, please! We’ve always considered the player of our games as the most important element. Tell us what you liked or disliked about Dream Chronicles and we’ll try to improve our games accordingly. Thank you so much for your support!

Voting for the Zeebys runs from now until July 5. Click here to vote for you favorite casual games of 2007.