Sarah loves working at the local nursery, but those days could be over when she learns that her boss, Jim, might have to sell the business to developers for much-needed cash. To prevent Jim from selling, and keep her beloved job, Sarah must take it upon herself to reverse the ranch’s financial fortunes and help Jim earn enough money in eight weeks to send the developers packing. That’s the premise of Ranch Rush, the upcoming time management game from FreshGames.

In Ranch Rush you’ll have to help Sarah run all aspects of the business, from crop harvesting and animal feeding to maintaining the machines. You’ll have the opportunity to design and build your own ranch in a way that suits your personal tastes and playing style – will your ranch be pretty but impractical, plain but super-efficient, or disorganized with stuff thrown down any which way?

The game will boast 80 levels, two gameplay modes, five different animals to raise, six crops to grow, four machines to maintain, five upgrades to earn, and 20 in-game achievements. Ranch Rush is launching very soon, so be sure to check back for our review and strategy guide.