a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:18:”Build in Time Tips”;s:12:”section_body”;s:18982:”Check out our tips and tricks for Build in Time.


  • Keeping your customers happy will ensure that you get a bigger tip from them. Right before you take a customer to their new home, you should give them an appliance in order to boost their heart rate.
  • Don’t let any customer fall below 2 hearts or you’re guaranteed to get a lesser amount in the end. Once they are all out of hearts they will leave and you will lose that revenue.
  • If you want to make the most money out of a house then place the most expensive houses on the scenic lots. Those are the houses that have an icon of a binocular on a particular lot. You will earn 10% more on these types of lots than you would on any other.
  • Buy the Signposts upgrade as soon as you can, it helps you sell houses that you’ve made by mistake when you place a sign in front of it. It also helps you sell houses that you built on purpose in order to sell more expensive houses.
  • The Greeter, The Foreman and The Deliverer should be bought as soon as they are available. These are all time savers. Read about what they each do in the section of guide called "Helper Upgrades-Stars".
  • If you have the Deliverer upgrade and you made a house for someone that has a part that they didn’t ask for you can still deliver it. The Deliverer will not take the person there because that’s not the exact house they asked for. If you drag them to it, they will accept the house, the extra addition will be automatically taken off the bill.
  • You can make a matching bonus twice on something as small as a row of 4 houses. Let’s suppose you have a lot of 4 across and you made a match 3 with 3 houses that are painted blue. If you build a fourth blue house on that row, you will earn another Mega Click Assist bonus.
  • On the levels in which you have to make speed goals try to concentrate on color matches instead of matching types or anything else. It takes a lot less time to match a color than it takes to look for a house type.
  • Pay attention to the houses that are already built in the neighborhood you can use those for Click Assist power up. Most of time you’ll be able to do color matching since some of those houses are not in your inventory for house matching.
  • If you have a goal in which you need to make three add-ons in the same row, then build them ahead of time. I would scope out a good location for them and then I would build 1 or 2 add-ons before I even took care of the first customer. This helps you keep your goals straight since at times it can be hard to remember to place things in certain places.
  • If you have several customers waiting for a house, pay attention to their heart levels. If someone is getting dangerously close to two hearts then take care of them right away so you don’t get paid a smaller amount. Use the Click Assist or the Mega Click Assist in order to move the project along faster. You can also give them an appliance if you have any at that time.
  • As you progress to higher levels, buy the extra garage and the more expensive houses as soon as you can afford them. They will bring you much needed extra revenue which in turn will help you achieve your money goals with ease.
  • Do multiple jobs at one time. While one house is being built, paint another house or start building a second home.
  • If you don’t have enough workers to build your next project,click on the next house you want to build and hold it on your mouse until the last job is completed. Then drop that house on the lot that you want. This will save you time from trying to figure out which house to pick up under pressure.
  • Since you have to press play before you can start each level and you can still see the scene, look at the scenery so that you know where you’re going to place things. It also helps you look for lots that may be hidden at first. Some lots can hide under the goal tab in the top right corner and in other corners as well.
  • When you have a Star Scenario that you need to take care of, canvas the area before you begin and see where the lot is that the house needs to be built on. Also look at the person that is requesting a Star Scenario so you don’t have to keep looking on top. As soon as you see them you’ll know to start building that house.
  • If you make a mistake and paint a house the wrong color, then just paint over it with the right color right away. Since you made a mistake you will need to work faster in order for the customer not to be too angry by the time they get the house. Use the Click-Assist by clicking quickly on the paintbrush so your job can be done faster.
  • When you have a goal that states that you need to do a job in a certain amount of time, make sure that you use Click Assist when needed but focus more on getting several jobs done at one time.
  • If you get a goal that asks you to get one person with a certain amount of hearts as you sell them the house be on the look out for them. For example in level they want one person to leave with 4 and a quarter hearts. as soon as you see the person with the 5 hearts drop everything and build their house quickly.You can also give a person an appliance right before you deliver their house to ensure that they will have the hearts needed for the goal.
  • Make sure that before you paint that you’ve built your garage, if you don’t you’ll waste time having to paint twice.


  • Read the newspaper article at the end of each era and you’ll read some interesting facts from that time period. For example in 1960 gas was 25 cents a gallon, Imagine that!
  • You can easily fix a mistake when you build the wrong type of house, garage or add-on. Simply drag the correct item on top of the one you want to destroy and the new item will be built automatically in that spot. You don’t even have to wait for the wrong item to finish building, you can do it in mid stream.
  • Make sure that if you destroy something that was previously painted, like a garage or a house, that you go back and paint it again since it’s a new structure.
  • The game will tell you at the end of each round how you did. If you barely missed a goal, it will tell you what you need to do in order to improve your score for the next level. It may tell you to use your appliances, buy a more expensive house etc. Pay attention to what it tells you and try to get those items if you can afford it.
  • There are two ways in which you can take people or items to their destination. You can drag them with your mouse or you can simply click the item first and the location next.
  • If you don’t think you’re going to make a goal, then restart the level. You cannot change the upgrades that you already bought, you have to play with the same ones.
  • If you’re not making your goal pay close attention to the requirements. Once my goal was to build 3 garages in a row and I was not making it. I was building double garages along with single ones and all I needed were single garages.
  • Houses and their add-ons can be built in any order that you want. If you have a hard time remembering or picking up add-ons, then start with those first.
  • There is an empty lot for every person that appears. If you can’t seem to find where a house is, look in a corner. That happened to me once where I had one person left over and I couldn’t find a lot until I looked on the right hand corner and there it was.
  • If you pick up an item and you want to take it off your cursor, then right-click it and it will be taken off. You can also click the item that you do want and the pieces will swap places, leaving you with the correct item.
  • You can tell how much of a tip a person gave you by the balloon above their house once the sale is complete. If you gave some good service then you will have a 5-15% balloon. If you gave excellent service you will get a 20% balloon. If they had under 2 hearts at the end you will receive a minus 5% instead.
  • There are several medals you can win by achieving certain goals. You can go to the Trophy Room and see a description of each one by hovering your mouse over a trophy.The ones you’ve earned will be highlighted and the ones you haven’t will be darkened.


  • Each level has what they call a Star Scenario,in which you are asked to do special tasks that will earn you special Life Rewards.
  • Star Scenarios are not necessary for completing a level but doing so will give you the ability to afford special upgrades.The more stars you earn, the faster you’ll be able to buy those types of upgrades.
  • Each Star Scenario that you complete will give you one point. Each point can be used to buy a special upgrade like The Greeter, The Foreman, Signposts etc. Read the section below which explains briefly the advantages of each.
  • Build Star Scenario requirements ahead of time!If you know that you need to build 4 houses by the water, then build some or all,before you take care of the first customer. This way when the people for the requirements show up all you have to do is add the special touches that they require.
  • If you’re unsure of where the Star Scenario houses go, simply run your mouse over the lots and the ones for Star Scenarios will glow.
  • Pay attention at the beginning of a level for what they are asking you to do in order to get the star(s). If they want you to place a certain type of customer in a certain lot, then look closely at what that person looks like, the color of their hair, what kind of clothes they are wearing etc. Once you’ve paid attention to the details of the customer, it will be easier to spot them as they come in.
  • Most of the time the people who are part of the star tasks show up towards the end of the level. By that time you may not be so focused on looking for them but that’s when you need to focus the most.
  • As soon as you see them make sure that you follow what they need right away so you can place their house in the right spot.


  • These are upgrades that you can buy with the Scenario Stars you earned. Combine the right amount of points with the right amount of money and you can afford these.
  • You need the combination of money and stars to buy these, if you don’t have both you will not be able to purchase them until you meet the requirements.


  • You can give these to the customers in order to boost their heart rates. Choose the customer you want to give it to, click on the appliances and then on the customer and they will be instantly happier.
  • The appliances can only be used once per level.You will be able to buy the first set of appliances without any stars, the other sets thereafter will cost you points and money.


  • She is a great upgrade to have, she will automatically answer the phone when a customer calls to place an order. Once you have the greeter the customers seem to make their mind up much faster when she’s around.


  • Junior Foreman – What a great helper this is, he automatically goes to a site and makes the workers finish jobs faster. He costs $200,000 and you will need 30 stars to get him.
  • You can tell he’s at a site because you’ll see a construction hat on the lot he’s working on. If you want the foreman to move to another location, just drag the hat to the location you want him to go to.
  • Once you upgrade to the Super Foreman, you will no longer have to drag the Foreman to another location, he will go there on his own. The Super Foreman also gets things done much faster than the Junior Foreman.

Basic Signpost/Super Signpost

  • The Signposts will help you sell a house you’ve made by mistake when you place one of these Signposts in front of them. There are several upgrades you can purchase for the Signpost which will increase the chances of a customer wanting the house that has the sign.
  • You don’t have to use it only on houses that you’ve built by mistake, you can also make some houses on purpose so you can sell them. Build an expensive house at the beginning of the level with some add-ons and garages. The next customer that shows up is likely to purchase it right away.
  • Use the Signposts to help you make three in a row matches. If you want to get a Mega Click Assist to help you build houses faster, then build a house that will help you make a match 3. Place a sign in front of that house and wait for a customer to show up and buy it, thus activating the Mega Click Assist.


  • 1 – Basic Deliverer – This is a great upgrade to have since he automatically takes the customer to the house that you built for them.
  • It will cost you 45 stars plus $110,00 to get him but it’s worth every penny, a huge time saver.
  • You will no longer have to worry about finding the customer and dragging them to the house. It allows you to concentrate on getting orders done faster since it’s one less thing to do.
  • 2 – Concierge with Limousine – This Concierge drives people to their house and in addition gives the customers a half a heart while doing so. This earns you more money because happier customers pay more for houses.


  • Click Assist is when you click on a project repeatedly with your mouse and the job gets done much faster than if you let the project finish by itself.
  • The faster you click, the faster the job will be done. This will be especially helpful when you’re trying to finish a job for a customer that is very angry and is in danger of leaving.
  • You can use Click Assist on any type of project, garages, add-ons, painting and house building.


  • Mega Click Assist is activated when you build 3 like items in a row or in a column.The three houses have to have something in common, paint color, same frame,same add-ons, or have some garages.
  • This is the same concept as in the regular Click Assist, the major difference being, that when this is activated and you click on an item, it will be built much faster than with the regular Click Assist.
  • You’ll know the Mega Click Assist is activated when you see a clock at the bottom of the screen. The needle will go down showing you how much time you have left on the clock. The properties that activated the Mega Click Assist will be highlighted to show you what you did correctly.
  • If you have some time left on your clock at the end of the round, then that time left over from the Mega Click Assist will be converted into money. The more time you have left, the more money you will earn.
  • Get as much done as you can while the clock is activated. I would start with the jobs that had multiple stages to them first so I could finish them first.
  • If there are several orders from the customers, some with just a house and others with a house a garage and an add-on then I would start with the latter.
  • You can also use the Mega Click Assist when you have a customer that is losing patience quickly by finishing their project before they lose all their hearts.
  • You can get more time on your clock by making two match threes simultaneously.The more match threes that you have going on at one time, the more time will be added to your clock.


  • The money you earn during the game can be used to purchase upgrades that will help you in a variety of ways but they all help you do 2 main things, and that is to be more efficient and to earn you money in the process.
  • In order to upgrade to certain things you need to make a basic upgrade first. You cannot buy the luxury double car garage until you’ve bought the regular 2 car garage first.
  • If you decide an upgrade is not working for you can return it, get your money back and buy something else that you think may be useful to you.This give you a chance to experiment and see which upgrades work best for you.
  • In order to see what each upgrade does you can click on the icon and it will tell you what you need to know. How much it costs, how much more you will earn when you buy it and if you have enough available cash to purchase it.
  • Whenever an upgrade is available for purchase, the upgrade sign above the icon will be green instead of black.That will save you time from looking to see which upgrades you can afford.
  • In this section you can upgrade your houses to bigger more expensive ones.Each time you upgrade to a more expensive model, your property value will increase. Which in turn means you’ll earn that much more with each sale.
  • Before you decide which house to upgrade, you can read the stats of that house in the description of the item.
  • Try to buy the additional working crews as soon as possible, they will help you reach your goals much faster. Buy the extra painters, the extra builders so you can build multiple jobs at one time.
  • You can buy upgrades for your add-ons like the swing sets and the rock paths, pools etc. Your customers will pay you more money each time you upgrade any of your add-ons.


  • You can add additional crews that will help you build more than one structure at a time. You can upgrade it to help you with building extra garages, add-ons, painting and houses.
  • I would recommend that you buy the additional crews as soon as you can afford it. Doing so will allow you to get a lot of jobs done simultaneously.
  • The faster the houses get built the happier the customers will be when they get them which will make them give you a bigger tip.
  • Just keep in mind that 2 crews cannot work on the same lot at the same time. You cannot have workers building your house and making the garage at the same time. However, if those properties are in different lots you can build 2 houses at the same time.