The 80s Game with Martha Quinn is in the running for Best Trivia & Word Game of 2007 at the upcoming Zeeby Awards. We chatted with Dave Walls of Funkitron who talked about what makes The 80s Game with Martha Quinn special and why it deserves to get your vote.

Can you give us insights or fun facts about the development of this game?

The game started off when I played this great board game called appropriately “The 80s Game” by the Intellinitiative Game Co. It had really awesome questions, and I thought the casual players would love playing something it. I teamed up with Clay Siegert who was the inventor of the game and the first thing we did was to go beyond just a board game experience and make something that felt more exciting. Then, of course, we needed a host… someone who really defined the 80s. At the top of our list was Martha Quinn, and we were both very excited when she agreed to host to the game.

Martha was great to work with and really participated in the making of the games. She played the game constantly and so much so that even her kids got great at answering 80s questions! She did a great job on the game, and it was really neat to see the game come alive when we added her voice to it. Plus, she was a lot of fun to work with. It was great discovering that this really nice “TV persona” you knew while growing up is actually a really nice person in real life.

So in the end, the development of The 80s Game With Martha Quinn was a labor of love – we love the 80s! We knew that 80s fans would demand a great game. That’s why hundreds of hours went into researching ever topic and meticulously crafting every question. And now, to be nominated for a prestigious Zeeby Award, we feel like all our hard work has paid off.

What makes The 80s Game with Martha Quinn special, and why should people vote for it?

First, The 80s Game With Martha Quinn is very special because of the game’s thousands of well-researched questions. We scoured the 80s decade to find the most totally awesome pop culture topics. We watched unforgettable TV show episodes. We viewed your favorite movies. We scanned lyrics from hundreds of songs. We investigated the launches of hundreds of memorable products. The result is a game with over 3,000 questions about the best of the 80s. No downloadable game offers more!

Second, the game is very special because it features Martha Quinn, who really defined the 80s. Most times games don’t have any personality, but with Martha, our game really is defined by the cute and happy person that is Martha.

Third, I really like some of the new game play features we put in. Like The “I Know It” button takes multiple choice questions to a new level. And “Episodes”, which lets you play through a series of questions from specific categories like “Miami Vice” and “Madonna”. Both features are totally new to the world of Trivia Games and really make the game fun and different.

Besides your own game of course, what other games impressed you in 2007?

I really liked Fairway Solitaire. Being a Golf fan, I liked how they mixed Solitaire and golfing to come up with something very fun. You can’t beat a good golf swing sound in a game. I’m going to try to add it to every game I make now.

And, of course, I really liked playing Funkitron’s Blokus World Tour and Poker Superstars III 😉

If you win a Zeeby, how do you plan to celebrate (aside for going to Disneyworld, of course)?

I’m going power up a nice pink Ibanez guitar, plug into a Marshall Stack, crank up some Ratt, and shred some licks like it’s 1989… loudly. If only I still had the big hair…

Any final words for your fans?

I have a couple of words for our fans:

Fer Sure.
So Fine!
For Real Dude!
Yeah! That’s the ticket!
No Way!
So Fly!
Cool Beans!
Way Cool!
Totally Awesome!
Nice Score McFly!
Like Oh My God!

Thanks for playing!

Voting for the Zeebys runs from now until July 5. Click here to vote for you favorite casual games of 2007.