Flo (of Diner Dash fame) sure does have a lot of friends. The latest buddy that PlayFirst is introducing us to is Coco, the red-haired clothing maker who’s starring in the upcoming time management game Fashion Dash.

Coco was perfectly happy working as a wardrobe designer for a dancing-themed television show, but when the show gets cancelled she’s left with nothing but her last paycheck and tons of extra unused fabric. Trust Flo to make things better, however: based on feedback from the customers at her diner, she realizes there’s a demand in Dinertown for a formalwear designer, and encourages Coco to set up shop.

Whether it’s in Story or Endless Shift mode, the goal of Fashion Dash is to create beautiful dresses and suits for the customers that come through the shop’s door. You’ll start by seating them in a fitting room and handing them a magazine to browse through. Once they’ve selected a pattern, Coco takes it to the seamstress to create the garment, then takes the finished garment to the customer to try on. When the customer is finished, Coco collects their money and returns the empty hanger to the rack.

Serve all customers in a timely manner without them running out of patience (as represented by hearts over their heads) and earn a minimum amount of cash, and you’ll pass the level.

As in other PlayFirst dash games, you’ll get bonuses for color-matching and chaining commands together. As the game progresses, you’ll get to upgrade the shop and new features will be added – like jewellery to accessorize an outfit, and a boom box to play in the shop to increase customers’ moods.

You’ll also have to consider seating very carefully, since there are bonuses to be had there as well. For example, young men and women will flirt with each other if seated side by side, and old ladies love to gossip with other women.

Fashion Dash
is launching later this month. As always, we’ll be ready with our full review and strategy guide. In the meantime, click here to learn more about PlayFirst’s Dash Pass promotion, where you can pick up Fashion Dash when it launches as well as four other Dash games for only $50.