Many cooking and food-themed time management games have come out recently, but we’re willing to bet that you’ve never had to make a Choco Slime, Frog Drop or Witch Brew yet. That’s about to change with Yummy Drink Factory, the upcoming game from the studio that brought us Aveyond and Grimm’s Hatchery.

The story begins when a self-centered city girl named Alex messes with the wrong barista, who actually turns out to be a witch. The witch zaps Alex to a place called Fairytale Island and tells her that she can’t go home until she’s learned some manners.

Players get to create drinks by learning recipes and completing all of the drinks that customers request before time runs out. New tools (like a blender) and goodies (like toppings) are introduced as the game progresses.

If drink tickets are finished quickly, patrons leave gems for tips that the player can use to customize the drink stand. Players can also purchase themes and banners to string across the top of the game window, like bats, leaves, slime and clouds. If the fantasy creatures you’re serving like your decorations, they will tip more!

Players will get custom drink orders every so often. The reward for making the drink properly is a sparkly wand that lends a helping hand by magically creating drinks on its own.

Last but not least is the Drink Lab, a place where players can build custom drinks, save the new recipes and play the game using them, and even swap recipes with other players – something that will help to keep the game fresh even after the player has gone through the original 36 recipes.

As Alex works her way through the game, serving vampires, witches and other fairy creatures, she will slowly find her way to Candar, the city where the witch is waiting. If you do well, she will let you go home.

Yummy Drink Factory is coming in June, 2008.