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The tips and tricks outlined below for Miss Popularity are based on the Campaign-play option of the game. In the free-play mode, you do not need to focus your quality ratings to match the preferences of the boyfriend, so you are free to engage in any activity you desire.


Different goals and requirements will have to be met depending on which type of dream date you select at the beginning of the game. There are three types of boyfriend to choose from:

Athlete – Sports-oriented, drawn to highly popular girls
Musician – Enjoys listening to music and wants someone to share that interest
Skater – Likes skater girls, is a vegetarian and loves animals

You’ll need to choose actions, qualities and even clothing items that will match the interests of your dream date in order to successfully win him over, so plan ahead.


Mouse – moving the mouse pans the camera around the scene. Press the Control key to bring up the selection cursor. Left click to select an action.

Keyboard – to move around in the game press W to go forward, A to go left, D to go right and S to go backward.

Interaction with people – to speak to another character, move close to them and left click to speak with them. Scripted dialogue will play automatically and not require responses from you. Multiple Choice dialogue will require you to respond in the conversation. Your answers will determine the outcome of the conversation, however, you can return to talk to the person again at a later time and change your responses if necessary.

Interaction with objects – you can pick up, use and otherwise interact with items in the game by moving close to them and left-clicking to use the object. Any possible actions will appear at the bottom of your screen in the toolbar once you are close to the object.

Many of the actions are actually mini-games that are self-explanatory and easy to win. For instance, collect the trash simply by walking over it.


Your character possesses a set of qualities that you can enhance in the game by partaking in different activities. The qualities are;

Education – better education will help you get higher paying student jobs and can impress the boy you’re trying to win. Engage in "learning" actions to increase your education rating. To raise this quality you can study in your room, visit the library, do research online, etc.

Elegance, Romance, Originality – Different clothing and accessory items will increase these qualities. Experiment with different items to get the ratings you need for your specific goals. Go shopping for new clothes to raise this quality.

Sport – increase this quality by engaging in sporting and athletic activities, such as skating. (Important when chasing after the Skater boyfriend) Play soccer, exercise and workout to raise this skill.

Music – engage in artistic activities to raise this rating. (Important when chasing after the Musician boyfriend) Learn an instrument, get involved in the school concert or dance to raise this skill.

Freestyle – this quality shows two things, how well you can skateboard and how active you are in the community. Help out in community services to raise this quality.


Your character has a fixed set of needs that have to be met to keep her happy and healthy. The "need meters" are shown in the bottom left of the toolbar. The needs are:

Relaxation – Too much stress is not good. Your boyfriend will react poorly if you are stressed and your movements will slow down. Take a nap or rest if you need to increase this need.

Health – To increase your health, have a snack, head to the health club or get a beauty treatment to feel better.

Family – If you let this need drop too low, you won’t be allowed out on the town at night to meet with your friends. Increase this need by helping your parents, cooking dinner or hanging out with your cat.

Best Girlfriend – A strong friendship is a necessity for success in this game. Keep your friendship healthy by going out for ice cream with your friend, calling her on the phone and even going out dancing.


There are different areas in the game and each area has it’s own set of actions. You begin the game in your room and later progress to other areas. Below is a list of each area with the possible actions that can be accessed there.

  • Your room: study, customize appearance, use your computer, save your game
  • Your house: talk to parents, eat and drink, use bathroom, listen to music, use the phone
  • Residential area: collect trash, deliver papers, walk the dog, pet the cat, wash car
  • Park: use fitness trail, use park bench, visit the pond
  • School: skateboarding area, dance group meeting, music lessons, play soccer, help with school concert flyers, visit the gym, research at the library
  • School Library: research on the Internet, read and study, get info on student jobs. When researching student jobs, bear in mind that each job has a specific set of requisite qualities. Increasing your quality ratings will earn you more money.
  • The Mall: see a movie, shop or work in music store, dance at the club, buy clothes and accessories, visit hair and beauty salon, work out at the health club, practice in the music studio, help carry bags, pass out flyers, paint pictures or play music.



  • Choose your boyfriend type wisely. You will have to engage in activities fitting with his interests if you want to win him over.
  • Keep an eye on the time. Some areas in the game will only be open at certain times of day.
  • Watch the "Family" need! If you’re parent’s aren’t happy, you won’t be going out anytime soon.
  • You’ll need money to shop. Get a student job (check the school library for info) to earn cash.
  • Each job requires certain qualities. The higher your qualities are, the more money you’ll earn.
  • Watch for bonus items! Scattered around the areas, you’ll see little pink hearts. Collect them to change the look of your dream date type!
  • Need help? Press F1 for the help menu in game, or use your cell phone to call your BFF for some tips!
  • Can’t get into certain areas? Maybe you need to increase your "cool" factor by trying new outfits and accessories!
  • Take your time. This is a simulation game and not an arcade game. If you rush through the game, you won’t be able to increase your qualities and win over the dream date!
  • Visit every area in the game more than once and talk to everyone you see! If you upset someone, just wait a few minutes and then talk to them again. They may have some very important information for you!