Boomzap is set to follow up Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles with Zen Fashion, a match-three adventure that lets players explore the fashion and cultures of the Orient.

Created by a primarily Asian development team, Zen Fashion will let you take on the role of a young Japanese fashion designer who journeys to the fashion capitals of Asia – in Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and more – to buy and collect local fashions and learn the fashion secrets of her ancestors.

By matching flowers using a drag-and-drop mechanic, players collect fashions to increase Zen Powers powers, which include Eye for Fashion, Bloom Blast and Fashion Bomb. You can mix and match fashions to create different styles.

The game features 12 different cities including Kyoto, Chengdu, Singapore and Bangkok, and 8 levels per city for a total of 96. Each city has 9 different fashion articles to collect, for a total of 108 pieces and thousands of possible combinations. Players can collect 24 tropies based on common Asian souvenirs, and "Zen breaks" at the end of every level let players relax and enjoy the scenery.

Keep an eye out for Zen Fashion to launch later this month.