If you thought Diner Dash was stressful, try spending some time in Hell’s Kitchen – the domain of world-renowned (and notoriously foul-mouthed) chef Gordon Ramsay. The upcoming game from Ludia is a recreation of Gordon’s popular Hell’s Kitchen reality TV cooking show, where you’ll be the newest recruit in a culinary boot camp as he tries to mold a ragtag group of recruits into five-star chefs.

The action in this time management game is split between the dining room and the kitchen, with success measured by how well and quickly you can prepare and serve various dishes. Your performance is rated by a lifelike 3D scowling rendition of Gordon Ramsay who won’t hesitate to heap on the insults and abuse if you don’t meet his expectations.

Other game features include:

  • Career Mode: Play an entire career calendar. Work up from a Single Star to a prestigious Five Star establishment.

  • Arcade Mode: Serve as many demanding customers as you can – before Chef Ramsay closes the kitchen.

  • Gordon Ramsay recipes unlock as you progress. You can print them to try at home, or email them to share with friends.

    Are you a glutton for punishment? Click here to watch a teaser video of the game (and don’t worry, all of the curse words are bleeped out).