The USA Network and are the latest companies to launch casual games on their websites; Mytopia – a platform that allows people on different social networks (i.e. Facebook and MySpace) to play the same games together – launches; and The Escapist’s Andy Chalk writes about his newfound obsession with casual games in Keeping it Casual. These articles and more in our weekly news roundup.


  • At launch, Mytopia shows social networks how to play nicely together

  • Manifesto Games seeks venture round for indie games

  • Rebel Monkey co-founder to lead lecture at Indie MMO Game Developers Conference 2.0

  • pushes into gaming and other new areas

  • USA Network rebrands online gaming site; plays to advertisers

  • Brand advertising on game sites performs best with women over 45

  • EA announces Zubo – a new children’s video game exclusive to Nintendo DS


  • Keeping It Casual

  • One game company’s plan to push retail through Facebook

  • Casual games look to ad-supported ‘TV model’

  • Online Games by the Hundreds, With Tie-Ins

  • Online Casual Games becomes mature in 2008!