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Check out our tips & tricks for DragonStone, including general tips, enemy and upgrade lists, and stage-by-stage walkthroughs of certain levels!



  • At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose which level of difficulty you wish to play in. You can either choose Casual or Expert mode. It is recommended that you play in Casual mode the first time you play the game so that you can familiarize yourself with how the game is played. However, if you’ve played these types of games before you can start with the Expert mode.



  • Both puzzles in either Casual or Expert mode have the same layout, the difference comes in how the game is played. In Expert mode everything moves faster, you will get more enemies on the screen at one time and in some cases you will have to fire more shots in order to kill your enemies. For example, in most cases in Expert Mode it takes one more extra shot to kill an enemy than it would in Casual Mode.



  • You start the game with 2 hearts and as you progress through the game you can buy upgrades that will allow you to have up to 5 hearts. Each heart represents the amount of times you can get shot by an enemy. Once you’re out of hearts you will lose that level, if you’re out of lives you will also have to start that chapter from the last INN that you visited.



  • If you’re running out of hearts and don’t want to start from the last INN you visited then pause the game and go back to the main menu. It will restore that level with the amount of hearts you had when you started that round. This will only work if you exit before you reach the red line or you’re out of hearts.



  • Once you start a round over you know what’s going to happen next so you should be better prepared to deal with circumstances that come up. For example, if you kept getting hit because an unexpected enemy injured you then once you replay you should be able to avoid being injured again.



  • Pay attention to how many hearts you have left at the end of a level so you can decide whether you want to buy additional hearts when the chance becomes available. From time to time Maurice will ask you if you want to restore all your health hearts for a certain amount of money.



  • Buy the hearts from Maurice if you feel you need them, just keep in mind that in most levels you will be able to catch floating hearts on the screen that will refill your health hearts as well.



  • Make matches with the marbles that are on the top of the screen first. If you don’t, you risk the chance of being defeated since you may end up too close to the danger line.



  • Try to catch power-ups even if you do not need them because they can usually earn you an extra 500 points for each one you grab.



  • You will also earn a certain amount of points for killing some of the enemies. The Frostwing dragon will earn you an extra 2500 points for each one that you kill. The Firewing dragon will earn you an additional 3000 points for each one that you destroy.



  • Do not assume that treasure chests always hold gold coins, they can also carry thorns. Be on the lookout each time a chest opens up because you do not want to lose health points by being hit by surprise when a Giant Thorn appears. Always try to move to the side as a chest is opening up, it will give you a chance to see what’s inside before you go near it.



  • If you have Giant Thorns coming at you from the left and the right side simultaneously, you should be able to avoid being hit if you keep your bow towards the middle of the screen. You will have to judge where to place the bow in a case by case basis. Most of the time it’s pretty easy to see where your bow needs to be placed in order to avoid getting hit. If you pay attention to the Giant Thorns you should be able to avoid them the majority of the time.



  • When the Giant Thorns are all over the screen, the best way to avoid being hit by them is by making sure that you eliminate one side at a time. If you can maneuver it to the point that you can eliminate one side, make sure you place your bow on the opposite side to avoid being hit.



  • Medusa Masks can be very helpful by helping you destroy hard to reach areas. If there are several marbles surrounded by stones with no entry point, then Medusa can help you destroy them without having to use your bows.



  • You can intentionally right click on Medusa and several targets will automatically appear around it. Right click on the targets to destroy them and Medusa should fall to a lower section of the puzzle.



  • Highlight and left click on any openly available Medusa and all of the Medusa heads will turn into marbles. In most cases most of the heads will turn into the same colored marbles and in other instances it will turn into 2 different colors.



  • Powder Kegs can be very helpful when it comes to destroying metal ingots but only if they’re positioned correctly. If a barrel is not next to an ingot and you don’t see any other way to destroy them at the time, then manipulate the marbles so that the Powder Kegs will fall next to one. A lot of times you can use electric Bombs to make the kegs drop.



  • You will never get a colored ball that you will not need. If you see that a color keeps reappearing even though you think you don’t need it, there’s a reason for it being there. Look in a corner and you will be surprised to see a single marble there. Make a match quickly especially if you’re getting close to the danger line.


Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


Example 4


Example 5


Example 6




  • There are 27 different enemies that will attack you during the game, some will shoot at you while they lurk in a corner and others will fly around and will injure you upon contact.



  • Look for your enemies first and destroy them before you start making matches. Some enemies are visible right away and others appear on the screen periodically. As soon as you see them start firing at them since doing so will help you play through your level faster without losing any hearts.



  • Learn how many shots it takes to kill an enemy, you want to do it all at once if possible. Stationary enemies are easy to shoot since they stay in one place at all times, kill them quickly and get rid of them. Remember that you cannot shoot through metal ingots, you must first find a way to blow them up in order to get to some of your enemies.



  • You can look at the game’s manual to look at their pictures and see how many shots it takes to kill them depending on which mode you are currently playing.



  • Enemies that fly, like the moths and the bees move slightly each time you hit them so make sure to always aim carefully before shooting again.



  • Enemies like the Lockness can be hard to get since they move in such a wide fashion. Try to stay in a corner when shooting at them so you can cut off their limbs all at once. If you make several shots consecutively you can also kill them before it raises its limb again to attack.




  • Even though there are a lot of different enemies many of them will “act” in similar ways, and most follow a particular pattern.



  • Watch your enemies movements and you can sometimes predict how they are going to move once you’ve shot them. Predicting movements can help you avoid being attacked since you will know in which direction you will need to move in order not to get injured.



  • The Bumbler (bee) moves all the way to the top and then goes back down again. You want to attack when it is flying back down after reaching the top part of the screen. You have to get it fast or it will get you once it goes back up.



  • There are several monsters that have balls that they throw up in the air, if the ball hits you, you will lose a heart. The monster with the ball in his hand, always starts throwing the ball not too high and goes higher with each throw. Try to attack it as their ball is going back down.



  • The Garbolt shoots twice, flies around for a bit before it decides to shoot at you again. Always try to shoot at it after it fired the second shot. This is the best time to do it since you know that it will not shoot again for several seconds. The Lava Imp works in a similar way except that it shoots 3 times in a row instead of two.



  • The Grim Spectre can be one of the most dangerous ones in the group. It swings its scythe high up in the air. Once you shoot at it, the scythe can still get you as the Grim Spectre is disappearing. Always shoot at the Grim Spectre and get out of the path of the scythe or it will injure you.



  • The fish named Chomps can look quite scary but it is actually one of the easiest enemies to catch. It usually swims in a pretty uniform pattern before it makes a quick movement upwards. In general Chomps is pretty easy to avoid since you know it will not deviate from its path once it starts heading up.



The game’s manual has a nice section in which it explains the upgrades that are available and what each one does. I am going to provide you with some information on when these upgrades will appear and how much gold you will need to have in order to buy them. If by any chance you don’t have enough gold to purchase the upgrades at the time they’re being offered you will have another chance later on to do so.


  • Chapter 2 – You can purchase the “Sapphire Armor” which will give you 3 hearts total health at the beginning of each round. It costs 50 gold coins and it will appear after you’ve completed the third level named “The Mummy Returns”



  • Chapter 3- For 100 gold coins you can purchase the gold armor which will give you 4 health hearts total. It will appear once you’ve completed the level named “Shiver me Quimber”



  • Chapter 3 – You can buy a bow upgrade called the “Bow if Icy Destruction” for 100 gold coins. It will be available once you pass the “Sunken Treasure” level.



  • Chapter 4 – You can purchase the “Dragon Armor” for 200 coins, it will give you 5 hearts total. It will be offered to you once you pass the “Eye on the ball” level.



  • Chapter 4 – You can upgrade to the “Bow of Fiery Hurtfulness” for 150 gold coins. It will be offered to you once you complete the “It’s like Poison” level.



  • After the “All we are is dust” level you can upgrade to the “Bow of Shocking Power” for 50 gold.



  • Chapter 7 – After you’ve passed the “Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble” you will be offered the “Dragon Armor” if you were unable to purchase it when it was offered to you originally.



This section contains a walkthrough for the last level in each chapter. The game can be completed in many different ways; this guide will be most helpful to you because it lets you know when enemies are going to appear. Knowing when enemies appear will help you avoid being injured by them, since some of them are hard to see at times.





  • Shoot both Spindlers (spiders) by right clicking on them before you start making matches.



  • Proceed and make matches as fast as possible.




  • Shoot all Powder Kegs until you’ve moved on the next stage.




  • Right click on the Thornspit (centipede) that is on the right side of the screen.



  • Kill it before you start the round since it will keep attacking you until you do.




  • Right click on the Thornspit that is on the left side of the scene several times until you kill it.




  • Right click on the target and the whole row will be eliminated.




  • Drop the ball on the opening that is on the right side and all the marbles will automatically be eliminated except for a few blue ones, match whatever is left.




  • Match the pieces that are on top first.



  • Eliminate the 2 Thornspits that are on each side of the scene and catch the shield as soon as it comes up.




  • Eliminate the Thornspit that is on the left side of the scene and the one that is hard to see on the lower right side as well.



  • Right click on the target that is on the left side and most marbles will disappear.



  • Keep doing the same thing with the rest of the targets that appear.



  • Catch the number 5 coin in the end.






  • Click on the Electric Bomb in order to crumble the middle part pf the scene.



  • Left click on the first available Medusa so you can free the pieces that are encased in the middle of the page.




  • Click on the target that is in the middle and it will free up the pieces that are encased in the center of the screen, avoid the thorns once they are released.



  • Destroy the Seeker (eye) that appears on the right side corner of the screen as soon as you see it.



  • Make matches as fast as you can and then hit the Seeker that appears on the right side of the screen.



  • Left click on the Electric bombs as soon as possible, and avoid all thorns that come at you from both sides.



  • As soon as the center part is freed catch the shield in order to restore all your health hearts.



  • Now 2 Seekers will appear on each corner of the screen, destroy them.




  • Eliminate all the Imhoteps (mummy) and Dustwing insects that you come across as soon as possible.



  • Right click all the targets and start making matches.



  • Once all the Electric Bombs are available, left click on them.




  • Kill the mummy and the Seekers on each corner, then proceed to make matches.



  • Left click on the Electric Bomb as soon as it becomes available.




  • Kill both mummies and shoot all the barrels and Electric bombs.



  • Keep making matches.




  • Kill both mummies right away.



  • Right click on all the targets in order to destroy them.




  • Kill all the Dustwing insects right away.



  • Make sure that you carefully place your cursor over the correct area or the stones will not fall in the correct place. If you place them incorrectly it will take you longer to finish this level.



  • Make sure you catch the shield when you’re done.




  • Kill both mummies and make matches as fast as you can because the red line will appear rather quickly if you don’t.



  • Two of the chests contain thorns stay away from those.




  • Kill the mummies and the Dustwing insects.



  • Only the chest in the middle contains a coin, the other ones have thorns.






  • Eliminate the 2 clams that are on each corner of the screen and also the swimming Willy that has one eye.



  • Make matches as fast as you can.




  • Cut off the 3 limbs of the Lockness that appears on each corner, if you shoot at them several times in a row you can eliminate them in one fell swoop.



  • Right click on all the targets so that all the barrels fall close to the metal ingots.




  • The chest will open and a coin will come out.



  • Right click on all the targets and then blow up the Powder Kegs in order to get rid of all the metal ingots.




  • Eliminate the swimming Willy and catch the thorns that the clam is spitting out. You have to wait and eliminate the clam once you’ve made all the ingots explode.



  • Click on the Electric Bomb once its fallen next to the last metal ingot.




  • Avoid the thorn balls the clams are sending your way until you’ve eliminated all the metal ingots.
  • You can also right click on the thorn balls to eliminate them.



  • Keep making matches and keep an eye on the key so you can catch it as soon as it comes up.



  • Catch the shield and then eliminate both clams.




  • Avoid or kill the Chomps (Piranhas) as soon as you see them,also eliminate the clam.



  • Make matches so that the Powder Kegs fall next to the ingots.



  • Shoot the Lockness that appears on the left side of the screen.



  • Shoot the Powder Kegs so you can eliminate the ingots and therefore have access to the clam.




  • Shoot the Lockness that appears on the right side of the screen.



  • Kill or avoid the Chomps.




  • Shoot or avoid the 2 Willie’s that appear on the screen.



  • Catch the shield that appears in order to restore your hearts.




  • Match the pieces that are on top first in order to avoid hitting the red danger mark.



  • Blow up the Powder Kegs that are on the left side and avoid the thorns.



  • Blow up the rest of the Powder Kegs and use your Sonic bow if you have any hard to reach corners.




  • There are 3 clams in this last stage, one on each side and one that is hiding in the lower middle, kind of hard to see.



  • Blow up the kegs in order to eliminate the ingots and then shoot the clams, do this on both sides of the screen.



  • Then eliminate the last clam at the bottom.



  • Two Lockness limbs will appear on each side of the scene, shoot them both off.



  • Catch the key and the coins at the end.






  • Hit the barrel on the right side and eliminate all the yellow and peach balls first.



  • Move to the left side and start eliminating that side.



  • Get the balls that are down the hole first since they are hardest to eliminate.




  • Two hands come at you even before you start shooting. Eliminate them right away or pull your bow to the corner so the hands cannot get to you.



  • Shoot the two targets on the right side and then shoot the Electric Bomb so it can eliminate the path horizontally. As you shoot the targets get out of the way quickly so the thorns do not get you.



  • The barrel that is in the middle will fall to the ground, shoot it so it can free the key that is next to it.



  • As the key is floating up make sure that you catch it and keep your bow out of the way of the thorn balls that will come at you from each side.



  • Shoot the 2 targets on the left and the barrel will fall to the ground, shoot it and immediately move your cursor all the way to the right so you can avoid the thorn ball and catch the gold coin on the right.




  • Shoot Medusa so that all the balls turn peach.



  • Shoot all the barrels and immediately move your bow as far right as you can so you can avoid the poison bottle and catch the gold coin.



  • Bees will immediately come at you so shoot them as soon as you can.



  • Eliminate the yellow and peach balls as soon as you can and catch the key as it floats up.



  • As you finish shooting all the balls, move your bow as far left as you can so you don’t get hurt by dangerous enemies.




  • A set of hands will come at you defeat it before you start shooting balls.



  • Hit the blue lightning ball on the left and get out of the way of thorns but go back quickly to get the coin.



  • Hit the blue lightning ball on your right and keep your bow all the way to the right so you can catch the gold coin and avoid the poisonous bottle.



  • You will have one ball left in the middle of the field, place 2 balls there to move on to the next stage.




  • You will have Mossters with balls on the left and on the right. Their balls are high enough to hit you so don’t get hit.



  • Eliminate the Mosster on the right by firing several shots directly on its head. Catch the heart that floats up so you can restore your hearts and gain an extra 500 points.



  • Eliminate the Mosster on the left, you will be very close to its head so make sue that it is not about to throw the ball when you do so. Make several shots to his head quickly to eliminate him.



  • As you eliminate the balls in the center make sure to catch the key as it comes out of the treasure chest. As soon as you catch the key move to the right so that the poison bottle does not hit you.



  • Shoot all 3 blue lightning balls so you can annihilate the left side.



  • You will see a horse amongst 2 thorn balls, the horse represents an extra life. If you have some health hearts left then place your bow over the horse to catch it. You will only lose one heart by doing this and you will gain an extra life.




  • Bees will come at you from the very beginning, shoot them as they fly below you. Get both of them so you can continue matching balls as quickly as possible.



  • Eliminate the balls in the middle and hit Medusa as soon as it’s clear enough to do so.



  • Shoot the targets on the right side to clear that side. As soon as you clear it make sure you step to the left so you don’t catch the poison bottle.



  • If you catch the poison bottle you will not lose any hearts but your bow will go the opposite way of whatever you command.



  • If that happens Shoot your Sonic Bow and eliminate things as quickly as possible.



  • If you miss the bottle, start eliminating pieces from the left side and make sure you catch the silver coin with the 5 on it.




  • Shoot the targets in the middle and then match the balls in the middle as well so you can free and catch the hourglass.



  • The hourglass will give you time to make matches without the board moving upwards.



  • Make matches quickly and pull out of the way when a thorn shows up.



  • If there’s a hard to reach corner, release your bow to take care of it.




  • Click on the barrel and the majority of the balls will self-destruct. Avoid the poisonous bottle.



  • Get the ball throwing monster as soon as you can.



  • Hit all 3 targets and move to the right to avoid thorny balls.




  • Once you begin this round several Bumblers will start flying around and you will also see Mossters that will be throwing balls in the air.



  • Kill the bees first all the while avoiding the balls the Mossters are throwing.



  • Blow up the barrels on the right and then try to get the Mosster as it rises above the metal pieces.



  • A hand will come at you so try to shoot it down.



  • Detonate your bow by right clicking on the side that you know will be hardest for you to make a match on.






  • Eliminate the Growlyak (Snowman) on the left and the Shiverlance on the left (icicles) before you begin making matches.



  • Then eliminate the icicles that appear on the left side as well.




  • Eliminate the Snowmen that are on the lower part of the screen and also the icicle that is on the lower left hand side.



  • Shoot the Electric Bombs as soon as they become available.



  • Another icicle will appear on the lower right hand side, shoot it as soon as you can.




  • Shoot the Snowman and the icicles at the bottom.



  • Click on the glass balls so they can turn into marbles and you can finish making matches.




  • The Frostwing dragon will fly through the scene quickly, avoid it or try to shoot at it.



  • The chest in the middle contains a horse that will give you an extra life catch it as soon as you see it.



  • Another icicle shows up on the lower left side, get it before it gets you.




  • Icicles will appear on both sides and you will also see a Snowman below, eliminate them both and keep making matches.




  • Three Snowmen will appear throwing snowballs in the air at the same time.



  • Get them one by one as soon as their balls start going back down, that is the right time to get them.



  • If you can hit the Frostwing dragon you can earn an extra 2500 points.




  • Two icicles will be at the bottom and several Frostwing dragons will try to harm you.



  • Some bats will also appear be careful not to let them touch you.



  • Hit the Electric bombs as often as possible because it will help you in those hard to reach areas.




  • Several bats will appear in the scene, get them in between making matches.



  • There will be several glass balls in this stage, click on them the right away with a ball that matches the colors that are underneath it.




  • There will be several bats again in this round, shoot them whenever you can, they are not hard to get.



  • Shoot all the Electric Bombs so you can finish faster.




  • Hit the barrels and they will in turn make the Electric bombs go off and the round will be over.






  • As you make matches in this round, make sure that you get the corners first or pieces will be stuck there. If you do this you can save your Dragon bow for a later stage.



  • Make sure you get the key that comes out of the chest that is on the right side. The chest on the left contains a Giant Thorn.




  • Shoot the Garbolt (gargoyle) that shoots at you as it flies.



  • Shoot at it once it’s already fired 2 shots since it takes it a few more seconds before it shoots again.




  • In this round you have to be careful because the left side is full of Giant Thorns and the right side has the Rattler that keeps sending tiny ghosts to attack you.



  • Start making matches on the left side and step aside once you see the Giant Thorns start moving.



  • The key and the thorns may come up at the same time, if you have enough hearts go ahead and take the damage. If you don’t have enough hearts you will have to use your Dragon bow in order to penetrate the metal ingots.




  • You have the Grim Spectre wielding a scythe up in the air and you also have the Rattler sending ghosts your way.



  • If you wait for Grim Spectre to move in front of the Rattler you can kill both of them at the same time, if you shoot several rounds in a row.



  • You have to be careful with the Grim Spectre because it will still throw the scythe up in the air even if it’s been killed. Always shoot at it when the scythe is on the way back down.




  • You now have the Grim Spectre, the Rattler and some bats flying around that you need to kill as soon as possible before you make matches.



  • Try to shoot at Grim when he is on the lower part of the screen, since his scythe will not go as high.




  • Same as in stage 5 except that the Rattler is not there, you have the bats and Grim.



  • There are several poison bottles in this scene, they will probably all go up at the same time.



  • You can avoid them by passing in between them as they fly up in the air or you can just take the hit.



  • The poison will make your bow go in the opposite direction of where it is supposed to go. This effect lasts a very short time and it does not affect your heart count.




  • In this stage you have 2 Grim Spectres, a Rattler, some bats and some Garbolts that you must avoid and or destroy.



  • Catch the hearts if you’re able to get to them in time.




  • You will have several bats come towards you before you even see any marbles appear.



  • Once you get closer to the puzzle a Garbolt will appear, shoot it.



  • Once you’ve gotten rid of all your enemies, shoot the barrels and immediately after shoot the
  • Rattler once the metal ingots have disappeared.



  • You can shoot all your marbles down the middle quickly since the marbles will come out in the order that you need them.




  • Eliminate all the top pieces first and then go into each section.



  • Watch out for the Garbolts and the Giant Thorns that will be coming out.



  • Grab the key and end the round.






  • Make sure you destroy the Volcaner that is on the left side and also destroy the Rockgrip that is throwing rocks at you. It is best to do this before you even start making matches.



  • Then start dropping stones down the center of the puzzle in order to eliminate all those marbles.



  • Once those are complete you should destroy all the Powder Kegs that are on the left and right side of the puzzle.



  • At this point 2 Volcaners will appear, one on the left and one on the right side, destroy them immediately.



  • Continue making matches and proceed to the next stage.




  • Before you begin making matches destroy both Rockgrips that are throwing stones.



  • Then proceed to make matches as quickly as possible since you will have to avoid several flying
  • Firewings coming at you.



  • Catch as many hearts as possible in this round, you will need them in case you get hit by the
  • Firewing drragon. Even if you don’t need the hearts get them because each one that you catch will give you an extra 500 points.




  • Start by breaking all the Powder Kegs and then start making as many matches as you can.



  • Two more Volcaners will then appear, destroy them and also avoid all the Firewing dragons that are coming at you.



  • On top of the Firewings you also have the Lava Imps that keep throwing fireballs at you. The Lave
  • Imps always throw 3 fireballs at you and then fly around a bit. Try to fire at them once they’ve thrown the third fireball at you, that is the best time to catch them.



  • Once you destroy all the marbles, make sure you keep your bow in the middle so that you can avoid the Giant Thorns once they’re released and you will also be able to catch the coin.




  • Kill all 3 of the Lava Imps as soon as they appear.



  • Use your Dragon Fury bow since the red danger mark appears fairly quickly in this round.



  • Make sure that you eliminate one side at a time or the Giant Thorns will injure you upon contact. If you do the left side first, then move your bow to the right in order to avoid the thorns.




  • Make as many blue and black matches as quickly as possible.



  • Halfway through the puzzle some Lava Imps will appear destroy them as soon as you can.



  • Keep making matches as fast as you can.




  • Destroy both Volcaners that are on each corner of the screen and avoid the Firewings as much as possible.



  • Catch as many hearts as you can.



  • Another Volcaner will appear on the lower left side that is very hard to see, kill it as soon as possible.



  • Keep making matches and after a few seconds another Volcaner will appear on the right, make sure you eliminate it.



  • You will then get 2 Firewings coming at you at the same time, when you see them appear try to get as far into the opposite corner as you can.



  • Then one more Volcaner appears on the right hand side, kill it.



  • Catch all the coins in the middle at the end of the round.