Gamezebo has gotten a sneak peek at Spacebound and we think it may very well be the “next big thing” in puzzle casual games. If you can’t get enough of cute games like Qbeez and Chuzzle but enjoy a unique game play unlike any puzzle out there, then you may fall in love with Spacebound.

The protagonist of our story is Captain Bloom, the pilot on an interstellar vacation. Your passengers are the terminally cute race known as the Picolytes. Unfortunately, the Captain isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, and he manages to crash land his ship on our planet. Not only does he crash, but he ends up losing the Picolytes, as they’ve become scattered all over the globe. Now it is up to you to help Captain Bloom rescue the Picolytes from the likes of mad scientists and spoiled little girls and return them home.

You begin the task of rescuing the Picolytes in San Francisco. As you complete each city-level, you will acquire a postcard from that city. You will travel to 10 unique cities such as New York, Rio De Janeiro, and Paris in your attempts to bring all of the Picolytes back home.

The game play itself is deceptively simple yet unique: you are presented with a wall of multi-colored cubes (these are the trapped Picolytes). Using your cursor, you can rotate the cubes clockwise or counter-clockwise to match four cubes of the same color. Once you do, your Rescue Bar will start “loading”. When the bar finishes loading, your matched cubes will disappear, releasing the trapped Picolytes, and new cubes will fall into place. If you can create more blocks of like-colored cubes before the end of the Rescue Bar, you will receive combos, which lead to more points and are essential to clearing some of the harder levels. As you gain points, Captain Bloom’s ship will slowly rise to the top of the screen. Once it reaches the top, the level is complete, and the Captain will make haste to the next level.

There are a number of special cubes that can both help and hinder you. Cubes like the Bomb will explode if you don’t match them and get rid of them in time, while other cubes like the Superstar cube will release all of the like-colored Picolytes on the board when matched.

The game offes three modes of gameplay. Story mode has you following the bumbling Captain Bloom around the Earth, rescuing the poor Picolytes. Puzzle mode consists of a series of specially designed levels where you must rotate cubes to defuse the bombs. Don’t take too many turns, or the bombs will explode, and you will be forced to start again. Endless mode plops you in front of the game board as seen in Story mode, and gives you the chance to play a never ending game of Spacebound. Gameplay is the same as Story mode, allowing you to hone your strategies at your own pace.

In order to succeed in the game, you need to know how to deal with certain patterns of cubes in the most efficient way. To truly become a master of the game, you’ll want to memorize these patterns. The game resembles a 2D version of the Rubik’s Cube, which makes it very unique in comparison to the current casual puzzle games out now.

This is what we like most about this game. In a world where there are tons of puzzle games similar to Bejeweled or Zuma, Spacebound offers an uniquely different experience. More than mere matching action, Spacebound brings an element of strategy and cuteness that really gives it a boost above the rest. We cannot wait to see this game take off.