GameZebo has a special treat for its readers – and especially fans of the mega-popular Jewel Quest and Mah Jong Quest games from iWin.

We went on a bit of a “quest” ourselves to secure an exclusive look at their next game: Inca Quest.

Here’s the scoop:

Inca Quest is a Bust-A-Move game where players shoot little bubbles toward the top of the screen, and when three or more bubbles of the same color touch, they pop and disappear. If the descending bubbles reach the bottom, it’s game over. The cannon that shoots the bubbles can be rotated side-to-side, and part of the strategy is to use the walls to bounce the bubbles into hard-to-reach areas.

Sound familiar? Many games are based on Bust-A-Move, such as Snood and Bubble Puzzle, but Inca Quest looks to be one of the best to date as it adds a fun story mode, purchasable power-ups and slick graphics.

As told by the entertaining comic book cut-scenes, Inca Quest’s story mode involves a clumsy professor whose plane crashes in the Peruvian jungle. Though the natives don’t want him around, he vows to brave the creepy tombs and deadly traps in order to find his missing daughter.

Game-play is very similar to other games, but instead of shooting bubbles, players shoot colored discs with ancient designs on them. When three or more of the same kind touch, they explode. The goal is to clear the screen before they descend all the way down.

If players don’t like the disc they’re presented with, they can right-mouse click to trade it with the disc that follows. This helps add a new layer of strategy to the game.

What’s more, special moves – such as destroying many discs in one cannon shot — may result in a native playing music on his bongos to the right of the screen. When the music plays, you receive collectible gold coins that can be used to purchase power-ups on subsequent levels. A power-up example includes a bomb that will help you detonate a half-dozen discs or more when in a pinch. You will have a limit on how many you can buy before the new level begins; gamers then activate the power-up by clicking on the icon before firing it toward the rest of the discs.

Inca Quest is a gorgeous game. From the slick artwork in the menu screens and comic books to the in-game graphics and special effects (such as when discs explode), players will undoubtedly be impressed. Put it this way – Inca Quest will make Snood’s graphics look like they were created by a 12-year-old.

The music in the game is equally impressive with wonderful tribal rhythms and melodic ditties that all fit the Incan theme of the game. Sound effects are also top notch.

Inca Quest is yet another example of iWin’s successful formula: taking a tried-and-true game concept and adding new features and slick production values. While it won’t win any awards for innovation, Inca Quest is incredibly fun and addictive, and could very well be iWin’s finest title to date.