Large Animal Games is the latest developer to jump into the fashion-themed game category with its upcoming creation – Fashion Solitaire. I’m a big fan of this group’s other games (like the Saints and Sinners series) so I have rather high expectations for Fashion Solitaire.

The goal of the game is to design fashions, dress the models and host fashion shows. Your assistant Alora is there to guide you as you begin. As you progress through the game, a variety of new styles and themes become available, including back to school, trendy, business and elegant styles.

The first stage is based on a night-on-the-town theme. Your job is to design the outfits that your models will wear. A series of requirements will have to be met in order to win the round. For instance, Model A may want something red to wear while Model B wants accessories. Meet all of the model’s demands and then finish dressing everyone to win the level.

You dress the models by selecting clothing items and accessories from stacks of cards. Each card has a picture of an item – shoes, skirts, tops and others. Select a card and drag it over to the model to dress her with the pictured item. The cards are arranged in various layouts with only one card showing at the top of each row at a time.

You can move cards that you don’t need to a holding pile called your “closet” and you can stack cards of similar “suit”, I.e. Shoes, stockings, shirts or dresses on top of each other to get access to the cards underneath. There really isn’t any trick to this at all, simply move the cards around as necessary to reveal the cards underneath. In later levels, the layouts become more challenging and you will need to apply a little solitaire know-how to succeed.

At the end of each round you will select one outfit that you created to be entered into the fashion show. There are six rounds in the first stage and you’ll need a total of six outfits for the show. When you’re done creating your outfits, the fashion show begins, though you are given the opportunity to replay any of the rounds to change outfits if you wish. When you’re ready, launch the fashion show to see a slideshow of your creations!

You will earn cash bonuses in each round by successfully dressing the models to their specifications as well as using your custom creations. You can spend your cash in the store and buy hot new fashions, patterns and accessories to use in your fashion shows.

Fashion Solitaire has a new and creative clothing workshop feature where you can design over 500 various items. At the end of each round, you are asked if you’d like to go to the workshop and create new items. You can select from a wide array of clothing and accessories to customize. As you progress through the game, new items are unlocked to expand the possibilities. Each item you create is swapped with a card from the normal deck allowing you complete control over the outfits available for the models! Whenever you use a custom item in the game, you earn extra bonus points.

Not only can you pick a clothing item and its color in the workshop, but you can also choose the fabric patterns and textures such as leather, denim or velvet. Stripes, paisleys, floral prints, polka dots and more can all be completely customized with the color palette. You can even customize hairstyles and jewelry items! There are lots of items to choose from, offering the player a high degree of personalization.

One word of caution about the custom items however, make sure you create lots of different colors. The models will continue with their requirement requests and if you’ve designed only blue clothes for instance, you’ll come up short if they ask for something red! Although the patterned clothing items are fun, you’ll also have to create lots of plain items in various colors to ensure that you can meet the requirements for each level.

Fashion Solitaire combines popular dress-up play with classical card game challenges in a unique and innovative way, with 48 levels and 8 different clothing themes to keep the game fresh and challenging. If you really like the fashion theme and enjoy creating customized items, then this game is definitely one to watch for when it launches.