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Check out our tips and tricks for Vogue Tales.




  • The main character, Wendy the Stitch, can only hold one thing in her hand at a time. Thankfully, some tasks do not require her to take care of things personally, like handing out magazines or collecting money.




  • You will make most of your money by making sure that customers receive their orders quickly. Faster service leads to bigger tips. You can also earn more money by purchasing several upgrades throughout the game that add a higher percentage to your tips.




  • At the end of every level you will be taken to the area in which you can buy all your upgrades. There’s no particular order in which items must be purchased, just concentrate on things that will earn you the most money. Purchase curtains, couches, rugs and decorations that add a certain percentage to every tip you get. You can also get upgrades that add an extra heart to your customers as soon as they walk in.




  • I found that you don’t have to buy all the upgrades, patterns and accessories that are offered to continue on in the game. I did not buy the last machine (the fur one) until I reached the last store and it did not seem to affect my game in the least.




  • When you decide to buy new patterns and colors it is a good idea to spread them out as much as you can. It will give you time to learn where things are before you add another item to your list. However, if you want more of a challenge you can introduce new patterns and colors often as this will add a bigger challenge to the game.




  • Certain upgrades are just given to you without having to make any purchases. Wendy’s speed is upgraded without you having to do anything. In another level the mechanic makes your lace, ribbon and fur machines faster because he was happy with the jacket you made.




  • With every new location you must start upgrading certain things in your shop all over again. The patterns, materials and accessories you bought will stay with you. The upgrades that give the customer an extra heart or add money to their tips need to be purchased again.




  • If you have to replay a level you cannot choose an upgrade again, once you make a decision it is final.




  • Unlike most time management games, Vogue Tales does not have chaining bonuses for doing several actions in a row. That does not mean that you cannot chain several tasks, it just means that you will not get any extra points for doing so. You will be able to send Wendy to do several jobs in a row without pausing in between. The problem is that sometimes the clicks do not take properly or certain things make her stop dead in her track.




  • In order to get Wendy to properly make several actions in a row you have to click all tasks without any pauses in between for them to take. For example, send her to get a pattern, then send her to the fabric machine and then back to the pattern table without stopping. If she gets to a task and the item is not ready then the chaining process will be broken and you will have to start over.




  • You will now that an action has been received when you see a white sticky note attached to something you clicked. If the sticky note is not present it means that it did not go through.




  • You can swap one item with another in the lace, fur or ribbon machine. For example, let’s say you have 2 outfits that need to be placed in the ribbon machine. Place an outfit in the ribbon machine, as that one is being finished make another garment on the fabric spindle. Once the outfit from the spindle is completed take it to the ribbon machine, click it on there and they will be swapped automatically. The ribbon machine will then start on the second outfit. However, you cannot take a pattern and swap it with a completed outfit.




  • When you make an incorrect outfit you can throw it away and it will not cost you any points or money. You can also place it on one of the mannequins and hopefully somebody will order it. The thing about the mannequins is that you cannot place female clothes on the male mannequin and vice-versa.




  • Sometimes you can’t figure out why a client is not taking an outfit because Wendy is blocking your view. Click on any part of the floor and she will move out of the way. If the outfit is incorrect, place it on the mannequin or if it’s correct you can give it to the right person instead.




  • A mannequin is also a good holding place when you pick up an outfit that you can’t use right away. When the lace, ribbon or fur machine is full with another outfit, place it on the mannequin until you’re ready to use it. Once you’ve delivered the outfit you can grab the outfit from the mannequin and place it on the appropriate machine.




  • On day 24 (Paris) the female mannequin will have a "Strange Mechanism" appear that makes Super Garments. It will be a flowery-like button that will be at the bottom of the mannequin. This button is what you have to press when a client orders a dress with a pattern.




  • In order to use the Strange Mechanism correctly you have to follow these steps. Take the outfit out from the spindle, place it in one of the ribbon, lace or fur machines and then on the mannequin. Once it’s on the mannequin, press the button at the bottom and it will add the patterns on. If you try to put it on the mannequin before the other steps are completed, the mannequin will not accept it. The same process applies to the male mannequin once you decide to purchase that particular upgrade.




  • Every customer walks in with a certain amount of hearts above their head. Each heart represents the amount of patience they have walking in. Low amount of hearts represent a low tolerance for waiting and more hearts mean more patience. If a customer gets down to one heart they will get angry and leave unless you do something to appease them. Give them a magazine or play the radio to make them happier. Hearts will increase by one every time you hand a customer their order.




  • Magazines can be given to people as they wait and it will increase their heart level. Depending on how many magazines they are given, the maximum amount of hearts anybody can have is 7. Magazines replenish themselves often so there’s no need to do anything to stock them. You can also purchase a radio in later levels that when pressed, automatically improves the mood of everyone in the room. The only thing with the radio is that you have to keep pressing the button to make it come back on.




  • There are up to 3 sides that hold the materials for making clothes, each side holds 2 colors. Only 1 color from each side can be used at a time. If you try to take a pattern to the machine on a side that is being used, it will not take it. You have to wait until the item is ready and taken to another station before you can place another pattern there. All 3 sides can make clothes at once as long as it’s only 1 color from each side.




  • It is best in this game to take customers as they walk in the door since their requests come out in an organized matter. When the game gives you 3 outfits in a row to make it will always ask you for one color from each side at a time. This gives you the opportunity to make more money since faster service leads to bigger tips.




  • There are several different types of customers in the game, each with their own personality and temperament. You have to keep an eye on them and make sure none of them loses their patience and leaves. The Snob comes in with the least amount of patience so always make sure that you hand him his magazines or he will get angry and leave. The woman in the red dress and the old lady are very patient so they do not require too much attention as long as you take care of them in a timely manner.




  • If you ever get confused about which machines put on lace, ribbons or furs, just look at the top of the machine, each top will look like the service it provides. Also be careful since they are so close together it is easy to accidentally hit the wrong one. Make sure that the machine you want is highlighted before you click on it.


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