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Check out our tips & tricks for Purrfect Pet Shop.


  • In Purrfect Pet Shop your goal is to correctly match your clients with the pets they want to adopt. The way to do this is by looking at the 4 squares above the customer’s heads. Those squares represent different traits that a customer is looking for.
  • Only 1 of the 4 traits will be visible when the client enters the store. It is up to you to figure out what they are looking for without revealing too many of the remaining squares. You will need to use deductive reasoning to accomplish this.
  • You could reveal all four traits to know for sure what they are looking for but that will cost you money. The clients don’t like it when you do this and they take away money for each additional trait you reveal. Choose the one that will help you the most in choosing the right animal.
  • From left to right here, is what each trait box represents:

    (1) The first one represents the skin or fur type of the animal.

    (2) Second one is the color of the pet. This along with the last box are the traits that make it easier for you to recognize the pet you need. The color of the pet is pretty easy to recognize, except for the 2 brown shades but after a while even that becomes easier.

    (3) Third is the size of the animal. This is the one that I would use the least since at times it was hard to differentiate between the sizes. The medium and large sizes looked too much alike. The easiest ones to recognize in this category were the tiny and extra large pets.

    (4)Last box is the type of animal you are looking for. This is the one that I used the most when I wanted to choose only 1 other box. It will help you eliminate some pets automatically, especially if it’s a reptile or a spider since not too many clients ask for those in a given round.

  • When you try to match a pet with an owner, the client will let you know right away how you did. If they say “almost” it means that you’ve matched most of the traits, you’re close but keep trying. If they say yes, obviously you’ve made the right choice. If they said no, then you know it is not a match.
  • If there are 4 customers in the shop and one of the revealed traits is a cat, then you can automatically make a match if there’s one cat left in the cage. If another customer has a light brown square revealed, and the other 2 pets is a black or green animal then it will be really easy to match the light brown pet.
  • If there are 2 people left in the store, then you know those 2 people can be matched with the remaining pets that are in the store. Make sure that you pay attention to where those 2 customers are standing and which pets are left. It will make it a lot easier to make matches before the next group of customers come in.
  • Before you match the pets with their new owners you have to take care of whatever needs the pets have. There will be different icons above a pet’s cage that will show you what they need, a bath, some shots, water or food.
  • You will lose money if you send the pets to the owners and some of their needs have not been met. The more things that have not been taken care of at the time of adoption, the more money it will cost you.
  • As a good rule of thumb, take care of all the pet’s needs at one time before you send them out. This might be a little harder to do in later levels but it is always to your benefit to do so. If you take care of multiple needs at one time, you can finish faster.
  • Multi-task as much as you can, if two dogs need the same service like a bath and some shots, then take one animal to get a shot and the other one to take a bath. As soon as they are done, switch their places and they should both be ready around the same time.
  • If an animal needs to drink and eat, you can take care of those 2 needs at one time. Click on the food icon first and then the water and both will be done one after the other.
  • While a dog is in a bath, it can be fed or given water at the same time. Take the pet to the tub and immediately after click on the water and/or food and they will all be done consecutively. Look for checkmarks above each pet’s cage to ensure that each task has been successfully marked.
  • If a service is being used, like the water cooler or food dispenser, you have to wait until they are done before you chain a command onto them. If you click on them before they’re ready your action will not take. Always make sure that a service is finished before you continue.
  • At times it can be hard to tell if you’ve made the right command. Make sure that the animal’s cage is highlighted in yellow and that their needs (food, bath etc.) have a checkmark next to them.
  • There are certain things you can queue all at once and others that you cannot. For example, you can queue shots, water and food but you cannot queue shots and a bath. Baths and medicine cannot be queued in conjunction with each other, you have to do one and then the other. However, you can add food and water to each one of those commands individually.
  • Some icons can sometimes be blocked by other things and can be hard to see. If your character is blocking the view of an icon, and you know for sure it’s there you can click on it anyway and the command will be done.
  • When you wish to undo a command, you can click the item twice in order to deselect that action. For example, if you clicked on a client and you matched them with the wrong pet, you can click on them again and it will deselect them. There were times that without realizing it, I kept the arrow on a customer and I would keep doing other things. I was losing points from that customer because it was counting as me making wrong choices for the client.
  • You will see your pet out the window when you are working and it will have some thought bubbles asking for different things. Those are all the things your pet will ask you for when you get to the mini game.

  • The mini-game pops up after each level, the hearts you earn in this game will help you buy upgrades, treats and toys for your pet. Every action that you make will increase or lower trust with your pet.
  • Certain things that you do your pet will not like, like taking a bath, going to the vet or taking pills. Even though the pet does not like them they have to be done. However, other actions will make up for that, like treats and toys.
  • Do all the things that your pet does not like first (pills, shots, vet etc) then do all the things that it does like, this way you don’t get points taken away once you’ve built up your hearts.
  • Some treats will increase your heart level faster than others. Taking your dog to the butcher shop increases its heart level by 4. Other things like giving him a newspaper increases it by one and a quarter heart, a bowl of water gives you 1/2 a heart.
  • As you’re taking care of your pet in the mini game, make sure that you get as many treatments in as possible. Whatever treatments you don’t get done will be deducted from your trust level in the end of a round. Also, giving your pet a service that is not needed will decrease your hearts.
  • I found it easier to just do the same services all at once and then move on to another. For example, I would try to keep my cursor over the food bowl and feed my animal several times in a row. You can tell when the bowl is ready to be used again when the highlight turns yellow. The blue highlight around an item means that service is in progress.
  • When you exceed the amount of hearts to keep your pet happy, you will notice that the hearts fall into the yellow container below the heart meter. This means that some of the hearts went into the vault.
  • Petting your animal can sometimes be hard to control with your mouse. I found it best to click and release the mouse several times in a row, to get the job done quickly.
  • In some rounds you will ONLY have to do things that makes your pet happy. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of hearts in the meter and in the vault. You can click all the same actions at once and then move onto the next. Keep your cursor over the food bowl and every time it’s ready just click on it again.
  • You can scroll through the commands at the bottom of the screen to see how many tasks are queued. You cannot scroll when a service is in progress – you have to wait until it is done. Scrolling allows you to see how many services are left and can also help you get certain thing out of the way at once.

  • After you’ve played the mini game you can go to the shop and buy upgrades, new treats or toys for your animal. It seems like there’s no real rhyme or reason as to when the upgrades become available, it’s very sporadic. So don’t be alarmed when you are not receiving upgrades as fast as you would like.
  • You can buy upgrades that will help make your character move faster, like the treadmill. Other things will increase the speed in which the water cooler gives water and makes the food dispenser faster. You can also purchase extra units, like baths, which can help you take care of 2 pets at once.
  • Trips to the butcher shop, fancy kibble and a new leash are some of the treats you can buy for your pet. Make sure to keep checking back to see what became available. Some treats will increase your trust level faster than others, like a trip to the butcher hop will automatically increase the number of hearts by 4.
  • Pet toys become available as you progress through the game, you need a certain amount of hearts and money in order to purchase them. Don’t forget to check this tab as you play, I was halfway through the game before I remembered to look for available items.
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