Welcome to Friday’s casual games news roundup. Sony announced at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show that it plans to give the 7-year-old PlayStation 2 new life as a casual gaming machine, positioning it as a direct competitor to the Nintendo Wii. Other highlights this week include an interesting article about game design and consumption in India, a survey of in-game ads in 2007, and Sandlot’s Daniel Bernstein’s reflections on the Super Granny franchise.


  • WorldWinner Delivers Cash Competitions to iWin.com

  • Merscom partners with Gabitasoft

  • Sony CEO: casual games on PS2 to compete with Wii coming

  • Majesco Announces Cake Mania 2 For DS

  • Gaming eats into prime time television

  • “Creative Village” starts to take shape in downtown Orlando


  • Run Granny Run: Sandlot Founder & CEO Daniel Bernstein reflects on Super Granny

  • Gaming spurs hardware sales

  • Brain Age: The Beginning of a Gaming Phenomenon

  • Ad Watch: 2007 Year in Review

  • Q&A: Outspark gets $11m funding, talks “virtual playground”

  • Games get political