Hungry? Well, if you didn’t get your fill with Oberon Games’ and Aliasworlds Entertainment’s amazing Turbo Pizza, you should have an appetite for Turbo Subs, a delicious sequel that lets you serve up sandwiches and other goodies to demanding New Yorkers. But like the game that came before it, this won’t be a cakewalk.

Due out next month, this frantic restaurant simulation challenges players to keep hungry customers fed and happy. If you’ve played games like Diner Dash, Cake Mania and Turbo Pizza, then you know the drill: different kinds of customers walk in and you must hand them a menu and then fulfill their order in a timely manner or else they leave – not only do you miss out on their money (thus making it harder to reach your daily minimum) but you also need to throw out the half-cooked food and deal with other customers.

In Turbo Subs, you join Rebecca and Robert who arrive in the Big Apple for a well-deserved vacation, until their Aunty Rhonda surprises them with a old subway car transformed into a sub shop. Clever, sure, but Robert really needed to relax. Instead, he reluctantly dons an apron and learns to make different kinds of submarine sandwiches while Rebecca tends to the growing number of customers. The cute story is told via colorful comic book sequences.

Customers will ask for a certain kind of sub to be made, which appears over their head like a speech bubble and you must click on the corresponding sign near Robert so he can prepare the sandwich. If a little flame appears near the customer’s order, then you need to toast the sub before handing it to them, while a little white drop of sauce means the customer wants some additional dressing. You get the idea. Customers will also ask for cookies, chips, drinks, cotton candy, coffee (maybe with cream) and so on.

Just like Turbo Pizza, which gets difficult quickly, you really need to keep on your toes in Turbo Subs. By stage 7, things will get hairy with many customers all demanding food at once. When you start performing well, you can activate what’s called Turbo Service Mode, where everything speeds up (including the game’s music!) for 30 seconds and you will get extra points for keeping up. As with other multitasking games of this kind, you’ll also be awarded more points for “combos,” meaning you can perform the same move twice in a row, such as carrying two cups of coffee for two customers, instead of one at a time.

Tips are left after the customer gets what they want, but the longer they wait the less money will be left (1, 2 or 3 coins). And you also need to keep an eye out for thieves who will try to steal your tips! In total, the game features 60 increasingly challenging levels spread out over three unique NYC locations.

Speaking of the different restaurants you’ll unlock, after every level you can use your earnings to upgrade the equipment or restaurant to better serve customers. This might include a faster toaster oven, unlocking new recipes such as gourmet deserts, fixing up the joint so customers want to hang around longer, and so on.

As another “treat” to gamers, every few levels or so, players will play a “seek-and-find” game, where you’re asked to locate a number of items in a busy scene and click on all of them before the time expires. Turbo Subs offers six of these entertaining mini-games.

As you’ll see when the game debuts in January, Turbo Subs cooks up a lot of fun – but be forewarned it’s considerably harder than other restaurateur games of this kind. Are you up for the challenge?