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Help fashion designer Jojo Cruz make her runway comeback with these tips & tricks for Jojo’s Fashion Show.




  • There 43 styles of clothing that you must put together, so it’s important to memorize as many of the descriptions as you can. The outfits are described at the beginning of a level and on the bubble above the model, or you can go to the help menu for a refresher course.




  • If you’re confused about the best outfit choice, you can click on the style above the model and read a description. The clock will stop while you’re looking but will resume once you get back to the game.




  • You can earn up to 5 stars in each level but you need only 3 or more to pass it.You can always go back and replay any levels if you would like to achieve a 5 star status on each one. Replaying a level, especially the ones where a new outfit is introduced, is beneficial since it will help you learn a particular style very well.




  • To obtain the maximum amount of stars you have to really pay attention to the type of clothing that is required for each model and how many model and clothing chains you can make.




  • Clothing chains are achieved when you send several models back to back to the runway with the same styles. Model chains are obtained when you send several models to the runway in a row without having to dress anyone in between. You can also earn both types of chaining bonuses at one one time when you do one of each at the same time. The more times you chain things in a row, the bigger your bonus will be.




  • In some rounds you will have what is called a "One Style Show" in which you will try to make the best 3 possible outfits for a particular style. You will usually start these rounds with 2 shuffle power-ups – use them wisely. First, take all the best choices, place them on the models, use your first shuffle and repeat what you’ve just done so you can use your second shuffle. Once you have the best matches and all 3 models are dressed start sending them to the runway without changing their clothes.You will receive a 3x model chaining bonus and a 3x style chaining bonus as well.




  • If a model is not completely dressed on time they will automatically be sent to the runway and you will not receive any points. You can tell how much time you have left before the model leaves by looking at the timer that is on the left side and their spotlight will start flashing as well.




  • If you don’t like an article of clothing that a model is wearing, just click it and it will come off. You can also pick up a different piece, click on the old one, and they will swap places. (The former article of clothing will automatically go back into inventory.)




  • If you’re out of power-ups and you don’t have the right clothes, dress a model that has a power-up icon on the style card above her head so you can earn it.You should be able to put an ensemble together that will give you at least 3 stars so you can obtain the power-up and use it in some way.




  • I usually don’t like to read what characters have to say in between levels but in this case it’s a good idea to do so. The dialogue is very short and straight to the point and it will give you some hints about what to do and what is coming up next.




  • Listen to what the background voice says when you place an outfit on a model, it will let you know how you are doing. When it says things like "great choice," "inspired," and "magic" among other things, it is letting you know that you’ve made good clothing selections. If on the other hand, the voice says things like " not so much," or "doesn’t go," you will need to make changes quickly or you will most likely receive zero points for that selection.




  • When you make outfits to match the ones in the poster located on the left side of the screen you will earn bonus points.You will also collect Signature Outfits that you can view at the end of a level.




  • If you’re not getting the correct selection of clothes you can use your shuffle power-up. Before you use it, grab the pieces that match well and then shuffle the clothes so you can get new choices.




  • In the description box of each outfit you will notice that there are usually 3 columns of descriptions. You will usually make more money when you put together outfits from the first 2 columns. Choosing clothes from the third one will give you the least amount of money. In some instances there will only be 2 columns.




  • The block on the upper left side of the screen lets you know how many models are due to come out, how much time you have before the next model goes on to the runway and what kind of styles they will be needing.



    You will see several "Fashion Do’s" that will appear at the bottom of the screen once your outfit has been graded. You will receive bonus points for each one of these that you receive. There are certain combinations that will help you achieve this; random ones will appear at the beginning of each level. You can find them at the bottom of the screen when the characters are chatting. Here are a few of the Fashion Do’s:


  • Denim looks great with sweaters



  • Cowboy boots demand a little fringe



  • White with sandals for Summer style



  • Compliment patterns with solids



  • Knee-length skirts with boots to cover leg



    There are 7 types of power-ups that can help you in a variety of ways. When you see an icon in the bubble over a model’s head it means that if you achieve 3 stars or more for that outfit you will get that particular power-up.

    You can only save up to 5 power-ups at a time. If your power-ups are full and you earn an extra one, it will simply be lost.

    Shuffle – There are several types of shuffles you can use, all of them will help you get a new selection of clothes in a variety of ways. This power- up will come in handy when you don’t have the right selections to choose from. You can also hover your mouse over each icon to read a brief description.

    A – Arrow – Will randomly shuffle all clothes.

    B – Shoes – Will shuffle all the footwear.

    C – Shirts – Will shuffle all the tops.

    D – Shorts – Will shuffle all the bottoms.


    Matching Outfit – The matching outfit power-up is a great tool to use when you need to make an outfit quickly without giving it much thought. Simply click on the icon, then the model and they will automatically be dressed in the correct outfit.


    Accessories – When you match the right accessories with the right models you will earn bonus points.You can read about which accessories best fit a particular style in the style description at the beginning of each level.


    Swap Style – You can use this power-up to switch to any style that you want. This power-up is great because it lets you choose and dress the model in the outfits that you are most familiar with or with whatever choice of clothes are present at the time.


    Dazzle Audience – It will give you extra time to put your outfits together by calming the audience. Use this when the spotlight is flashing over a model so you can have extra time to dress them. It will stop the timer for approximately 30 seconds.


    Supermodel – You can double the score of an outfit by using this power-up. Use it when you know that you’ve made great choices for a particular style so you can earn a lot of money from it.


    Highlight Styles – This shows you how much a piece of clothing is worth and on which type of model you can make the most money on. Simply run your mouse on the clothes at the bottom, read what it says and place the clothes on the best model choice. The best choice will always be on top, followed by the next best options.

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